Certain Loved Ones Around a Diabetic

While reading other blogs, I read a lot of "woe is me" in between the lines. I do agree a lot of heavy thought & effort goes into managing this chronic disease, only to find out that the complications will eventually get ahold of you anyway. Most people around diabetics do not notice the daily struggle, except for those certain loved ones. For me personally, those certain loved ones are my husband and kids. What about their feelings and concerns? Every time one of the boys display being extra thirsty, I want to test their blood sugar. I get the "Oh, mom . . . quit worrying, I'm not diabetic" or my youngest is very thin, and was extra thirsty at dinner, so the thought crosses my mind. . Maybe he is showing signs of MODY, slow progression of Type 1. To say the least, my boys are very knowledgeable on diabetes, they know the signs of hypoglycemia and when I tell them I need a soda now, they will jump up and run to the corner store to get it, without question. They also know I get very cranky when my blood sugar is high (hyperglycemia). They understand that ALL of my Dr. appts.are due to my diabetes, but do they worry? Does anyone ever ask them about their feelings of having a T1DM mom?

Then there is my husband. Bless his soul, I know when we got married 20 years ago, taking care of me in our 40's was not what he had in mind. He has a very good job, thank God. Most married men are planning yearly vacations w/ their family or spouse, but mine is making sure he allots enough vacation time to get me to and from tests/surgeries. He has to listen to my feedback from my monthly Dr. appts as I unload on him the upcoming procedures or complications that have arose or are lined up next. He keeps a tight budget because I am no longer able to work and all pressure is on him to bring home that paycheck. Any money we have left over goes towards medical supplies & bills. Prime example, we were planning a trip to Vegas for this past February, but instead we used the money for a trip to Mayo Clinic. I apologize to him often and he never gets mad. We laugh about it, we cry about it, but in the end it takes a very special unselfish man to carry the financial & emotional burden my T1DM/T2DM has put on his shoulders. As Tosh.O would say . .... . For that, I thank you.

I think you should re-read your title.. "loved ones" - they are in it for the long haul, and they love you. I understand. It's a heavy burden, and I hate making my fiance deal with this drama. I think, he's crazy for not running away! But he was there on day one of diagnosis, and the day I had to go on shots, and this Friday is insulin pump day. And he'll always be there, and I'm grateful for that. I hate being a burden, and I know I will obsess over whether or not this will happen to my kids one day.. (don't have any yet) Just know that you're not alone in your concerns, your stress, your tears. And that to them, we're not the burden that we think we are, to them, we are just love.

ur hubby sounds like mine. He's always there for me in anyway. Gotta love him for that.there are a few times (well more than I want to admit) that if it wasn't for him I don't know what would have happened I agree with your statement the "woe as me" attitude some have and it's really not helping them at all. I took Type 1 when I was 10 and am now 49. Honestly I look at it as "I'm still here" I was told back then I would die at 30 but as I say I'm still here!!!! LOL! A positive attitude will take u far and that's what I've got now and had for awhile.

Hi Francie, I can totally relate to your post. My biggest regret in my life is the pain, worry and sacrifice that I have caused my family due to the D. I have seen it on their faces.

My daughter has always been fearful when I have lows...I remember waking up from afternoon naps to find my 4 year old peering into my face trying to see if I was breathing or not. She's 24 now and I still worry every time she seems thirsty because I was diagnosed at 27.

My hubby of 28 years is my rock and another one of those unselfish men - he's definitely a giver by nature. Even though I still work full time, the D has been a financial burden and I regret the strain that it places on our budget also. I wonder how we'll ever manage to retire with my medical expenses.

I know that we are blessed to have these loved ones in our lives and I try to tell them that often. Best wishes to you and your family. :)

Thanks everyone for the great posts. . .