Loving OmniPod DIY Loop

The purpose of this post is to promote OmniPod DIY Loop. I can sleep through the night without any alarms. My numbers are the best ever. Give OmniPod DIY Loop a serious consideration.


Your Average Glucose and Standard Deviation are great. What were they before Omnipod loop?

The above stats are for my best week so far. Before loop my best average glucose was about the same, maybe a couple points higher. Best standard deviation was 25 and best time in range (60-120 mg/dL) was in the low 80s. 80% time in range sounds impressive. I think of it as 5 hours per day out of range. This makes it obvious why I am most impressed with the time in range improvement.


Couldn’t agree with you more!! Congratulations on your excellent results!! I bet you feel better, too, both mentally and physically!!! :-:star_struck:

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@Helmut - Congrats on achieving such great results! A 93% TIR, especially the tighter one that you target, along with such low variability and normal average BG must feel excellent.

Can you comment on the relative effort you now expend with the Omnipod DIY Loop versus your management tactics before?


@Terry4, before Loop my diabetes care was a 24/7 job. Now it is 9 to 5 (literally). As soon as there are little or no active carbs in my system, Loop keeps me in range. During waking hours I used to check my BG at least once every 30 minutes. At night the Dexcom alarm would wake me up quite often. No longer. This combined with almost no finger sticks is transformative. At the moment I am still doing a better job than Loop during the day. Maybe this will improve too over time.


I read omnipod closed loop was coming out in 2020. How long have you had yours? I am ready to switch from Medtronics 670g closed loop to the Omniood dash. Waiting to compare monthly out of pocket costs. Kaiser just added Omnipod as approved pump as of August. I was an Omnipod user before i switched jobs and insurance. I am ready to be tubeless again.

I started with OmniPod DIY Loop on July 1. This is when I received my RileyLink. Everything else I had already: OmniPod, Dexcom, iPhone, MacBook. I am not at all looking forward to any FDA-approved closed loop system. I fear that any FDA-approved closed loop system will only support blood glucose target levels which I consider useless (120 mg/dL). I have my target level set at 80 mg/dL which causes my BG to bounce around between 80 and 100 when carbs/bolus have worn off. I consider the next 2 years the golden years of looping. The new generation of OmniPods (the ones that work with Dash) cannot be hacked and therefore cannot be used with DIY Loop. It is a matter of time when Insulet will stop selling the pods that can be used with DIY Loop.

“Tidepool Loop will be using DASH pods, no RileyLink required.”
They are saving the Dash Pods for the commercial system.

I hate the alarms. I may try to disable them.

@mohe0001, what alarms are you talking about? The only alarm that I cannot disable is the 55 mg/dL alarm.

Well, I’m getting them from both the Loop and the Dexcom receiver.
Yeah, it might be the 55 one that throws me into a rage. Probably, my BG doesn’t help.
Maybe I have to rebuild to change the alarms? Maybe I have to go into the code and remove them. They drain my battery.

The ones from Loop you can disable in Notifications. I don’t expect that even with a code change you will be able to disable the one from Dexcom. I expect that it originates directly from the Dexcom app.

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