Low again

yep. low again. this time I’m 47. and i just had a vodka lemonade (sugar free). ahhhh. i must admit. i am feeling relaxed. don’t worry. i treated with a juice box. gotta love them juice boxes. you know how people drunk call people when they shouldn’t…i feel like that right now blogging kinda but i’m not drunk. just relaxed. and low. and posting. i feel lower than the grand canyon. sometimes i feel lower after i treat. my tongue is going numb.

i could go for a milkshake right about now. or a cinnabon. they closed the cinnabon at my local mall. i should write a letter to the local chamber of commerce telling them how important cinnabon is to hypoglycemics. mmmmm milkshake and cinnabon. i can at least dream of overtreating. extra frosting please. and could you make it extra sticky? thanks.

i think when people like us get low, we get closer to god. diabetics are closer to god by default. thats what i think. then again, im low…what the frik do i know. where’s that freekin milkshake man? can someone pick me up to go to cinnabon?

george carlin died. he was a genius. see you again someday george carlin.

Dino, I hope you feel better!!! Cinnabon, sounds good I haven’t had one of those in Years…

I’ve had that uninhibited low feeling before. For instance, I have much less trouble communicating in Spanish while low. I’m clumsily bilingual the rest of the time, but the lower I am, no problem. Served me well that AP Spanish IV was just before lunch in high school. giggles