Low low low

I’m having a low as I type this! My level is 2.9mmol and I feel like i’m dying!
I’m at work and so embarrased to ask anyone to help me. I hate this. I hate having diabetes…

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Debi, I hope you’re ok now. 2.9 is pretty low. I wish I’d been there to help. I hate diabetes too.

Why would you feel embarrased ? You should ask for help when you need it .

Ahhh I fall that low and suddenly realise its the reason why I can’t seem to concerntratee in college… Shove a few glucose tabs in your mouth 4 should do itt and take 5 mins out to chill. If they don’t like itt tell them to shovee it where the sun don’t shine :slight_smile: Hopee your feeling better sweeet!

Deb, dont be ashamed to ask. It might be strange at first but after that it would come natural. I told a supervisor once I had found out and he took me under his wing and he knew the warning signs since he knew others who have it. So it really does help.

No need to be ashamed… diabetes is a part of your life just as it is all of us:)

Deb, Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Some of the people I work with know I have D, But they needed to be educated about what it is. Maybe that would be away to tell your co-worker. I hope that you feel better.I feel so bad for you. When You are feeling bad or depreseed you can always talk to one of us. We are hear to listen and to help.
Take Care,