Low at 77?

My daughter starts to feel lousy when she goes below 77. I know that 70 is the gold standard for hypo, but would y'all adjust your treatment based on this information? Her A1c was 6.1 most recently, so she's not running high as a rule. Our goal is to stay between 130 and 70. Thanks.

I think everyone has their own personal threshold of when they feel low. If I feel low, and i am at 77, I maybe will treat with about 8 gms of carbs versus 16 (4 tabs). Everyone is different though and you will have to find a treatment amount for your daughter thatwont spike her up too high, yet make her feel better.

You’re right about not giving the whole correction amount. We’d already trimmed her back some because 4 tabs was adding about 120. There’s no need to go overboard!

Nope - none at all. I know if I feel crappy and my numbers are borderline, I always treat but conservatively and then re-test and treat again as needed. Sometimes it is because I am on the way down.

I can “feel” low at 90-something and feel normal at 50-something. A big part of it depends on how fast you get to that “low” point. If I drop 100 points in 20 minutes, I’ll feel low when I’m normal. And if I’m sitting at 70-something for hours, I won’t feel low in the 60’s.

She could feel low at 77 because her blood sugar is going down and 77 may not be the bottom number.

Treat her and she will feel better.

It definitely does raise an interesting point! I’ve always wondered about this. Especially at times when I swear I’m low and I test at 100 or so…and then a few minutes later I test again and I am, in fact, low. I don’t think it would be unusual for me to feel low at 77 either. I think sometimes it’s important to trust your instinct. If you think you’re low but the meter doesn’t agree, wait fifteen minutes and test again, etc.