Had a low expericence

Yesterday my DD called me at 2:45 - her blood sugar was 88 (OMG) i has never been anywhere near that. I think what happened is that her 6 units of humalog did not have to work as hard so it brought the blood sugar way down. She was shaky, etc. So I got a call, the secretary and I talked calmly (although it was a little hard, bad spot with the cell phone) she wasn’t extremely low, just needed something to eat (per dietitian’s instructions, if she got down to 80 or 90 just feed her). SO that had already given her juice and I said it was ok to give crackers - check in 15 min then call me back. Apparently she had tried to call and couldn’t get my cell (sometimes I work in an area where No One gets reception). I told her that I would call back in 15 min to check.

From this I can see that I need to provide a better way to contact me. Maybe email, they already have my cell phone…They should have my work phone. I do have an IM that I use for work, I could provide that.
So lets see:
Cell Phone (call or Text either one)
IM (iChat)
work phone (they have IM and can msg me at all times)
They also have my husbands cell phone and my Mother in laws phone. My Dad and My Stepmom’s numbers (home and cells).

Any other ideas? I have always tried to make it as easy as possible, but its more important now I think.


88 is not a low, really. If you have been running high for a long time, it will feel like a low, with the shakes etc, but after you daughter gets better numbers for a while, it won’t feel low. Treat a low with 15 grams of carb (that’s maybe 1/2 cup juice) and then test again after 15 min. You want to try to avoid overtreating (overeating). keep up the good work. have you thought about Twitter to keep in touch? I don’t use it, but there are tons of people here who do.