Low BG Nightmares

Ugh, had creepy scary dreams this morning. I’m starting to recognize the difference between normal bad dreams and low sugar nightmares and when I got up sure enough my BG was 65. Not super low but low enough to mess with my subconscious and give me Tim Burton worthy nightmares. Do you guys have weird dreams with low blood sugars?

That I do.

Usually early hours of the morning, drifting in and out of sleep. The lower the blood sugar generally the more disturbing the dream in my experience.

I find any fluctuation, low or high really screws my sleep pattern up.

I do notice I sometimes have weird dreams before waking up with a low, but I usually don't wake up for lows until they are below 2.5 (45 mg/dl). It's very rare I'll wake up and find myself at, say, 3.2 (60 mg/dl) unless I wake up because I have to use the bathroom or some other reason.

i havent had any weird dreams, i just wake up and wonder why im awake and think i must have to use the toilet and after sitting there for a minute i think i should test and my hands are shaky and i think (stupidly, incredulous, as if it cant happen), am i low??

the times when i sleep through them i dont remember any dreams either, just wake up completely soaked.

I have sweats to, don’t mind those as much as the bad dreams and of course waking up tired and crabby isn’t great either (for me or my husband!)

I can totally relate! Bless you Lilli