Low Blood Sugar

When I consume something to raise my blood sugar after having a low one, my mouth often tingles and everything tastes gross for about fifteen-ish minutes. Does that happen to anyone else? (Just curious) ;}

All the time. It also happens when I’m about to get a migraine and the one time I tried to grapple with someone and they tried to choke me, I tapped out because it made my tongue do that weird tingly thing. Makes me think it’s a blood flow thing and as long as it goes away I don’t worry :slight_smile:

lol, I gotcha! Wasn't sure if it was just me or if it was something that happens to other fellow diabetics. =]

Yes, that's exactly it! Couldn't explain it better myself. I hate the feeling sooo much. It's so hard to stop eating when I'm trying to fix a low, too. No fun at all.

I used to get this too and I hated it. It seems like this happened to me mostly during severe lows in the middle of the night and always accompanied by that bit of confusion and the urge to eat everything in sight - yet when you ate something, it tasted weird.

Like when you know you're really low and you're standing in the pantry or staring into the open refrigerator thinking "I need to eat but what am I supposed to eat?" and just can't make a decision...makes you feel crazy.

I'm somewhat hypo-unaware now after almost 26 years and I've noticed my low symptoms changed over the years. Now I don't get the mouth tingling or the urge to eat everything. I still get that panicked feeling but not really hunger - I can now just treat with sweetarts or coke and I don't feel like I have to inhale the kitchen. Weird how all that works.

Tingly mouth has been a very very common hypo symptom for me.

Tingly mouth is the first sigh of a low for me. Hate it