Low blood sugars and numb lips

When I’m on a pump, and only when I’m on a pump and I drop below 65, my lips get numb. Is this just a weird me thing or do other people experience it too?

I get numb lower lip when I go low over a period of time. Say 45 minutes.

Same thing happens to me, and my tongue tingles too.

No pump, but lows give me numb lips.

Happens to me too. I wondered if something was wrong then I realized it must be the low. Some books will tell you that is a symptom.

Same thing happens to me and I also get a numb tongue.

The back of my neck feels numb, sometimes my mouth. I can’t focus my eyes either. At least we’re getting some signs. Diabetes is a strange disease.

ahhhh! I really thought I was the only one who got the “funny mouth” feeling. It’s only when I am low for a long time like Brock G said. But the funny feeling can last hours, even after I come back up. It is the weirdest feeling, I thought it was an allergic reaction the first few times :slight_smile:

It does take a while after for it to come back to life. I also notice my taste buds are much duller then as well.

I get a tingly tongue and mouth, it sometimes the first symptom I notice, but it does go away soon as I treat and get my blood sugar up.

For me, it comes back as soon as my bg’s go back to normal.

Hey they make mentions of this in this article about when we go low. If this system can get working here, SWEET!

Something new has started, in addition to my numb lower lip: metallic taste. Gross! Eating dinner tonight was more like a chore. Now, here’s something weird, and sorry for the long, boring story. :slight_smile: So, this morning at 230 AM, I was 38. 830 AM, I was 147. 230 PM back down to 47. Then at dinner 615 PM, I was 65, so I popped some glucose tablets (the watermelon ones are my absolute favorite!), and tested 10 minutes later. I dropped to 42. Thinking that was super weird, I tested immediately again and was 44. Twenty minutes later, I was up to 79, so I could FINALLY bolus for dinner that was now cold and rubbery. I started eating, and everything–chicken, green beans, roll and Diet Coke tasted like metal. Does anyone else ever get that nasty metallic taste?

That’s usually my only sign if I’m low on from a really rapid drop. If it’s a slow drop then I’m just an ___hole.