Low sugars - has anyone felt this sympton

Hi everyone, new to this site, wow, really enjoying what I am reading, learning lots of things that my endo never told me. And I have had three different ones.

Here's my question - recently I have been experiencing lows, more than I should, right before lunch and sometimes before bed. However, when I am low before lunch, 2.7 mmol, i eat my lunch but on more than one occasion, my lips and tongue start to go numb. I describe the feeling as after you have visited the dentist and the freezing starts to ware off, that is what i have been experiencing on several occasions. Plus feel unstable on my feet for a minute or so.

Has anyone else experienced that?

Yes, definitely, numb lips and/or tongue is a real hypo symptom I have had many times.

Possibly because I personally made my endos at the University of Iowa know this when I was a kid, it shows up on their hypo symptom list:

U of Iowa hypo symptom list

yes, definitely! It kind of ruins the things you have to eat to get your BG back up!

I experience the exact symptoms you describe and it's around the same 2.7 mmol reading as you say. Nice to know I'm not the only one.

Shanmel, I can say the same thing, wierd though, I have been diabetic for the last 27 years, and this is a first for me, happens many times.

thanks for the link Tim, just checked it out.

2.7mmol=48.6 mg/dL.
It's good you're having the symptoms but bad you're so low. It would be better if you have the symptom at 3.5-3.7 mmol. The way to raise the BG so you have symptoms sooner is to prevent going so low so often.
In other words, keep your blood glucose higher. It may be you need to lower your basal dose, if you have one. #2 way would be to eat something midmorning, even if it's just glucose tabs. Anything to keep your blood glucose lurking at 5.0 - 6 mmol.

Count me in.
My symptoms change day to day, but the most common first sign for me is tingly tongue and "front of mouth" -- any part of that general area [i figure it is affecting either of cranial nerves III and/or V - Trigeminal Nerve, Facial Nerve]

What the reason is that those are affected early for us remains a mystery to me.

WOW...I was just going to post about the same thing happening to me over this last weekend. I went low @ 43 and my tip of tongue was so numb it freaked me out. Was going to post and see if this has happened to anyone else!

Yes, clouder that is one of the signs of hypo that I feel when I am going low. Others, of course, include, weakness and fatigue.

Hmm I had never heard of this before actually. Good to know in case future symptoms freak me out! So many aspects to this disease...

Yes, I occasionally get numb lips and tongue, but only when it's a really bad low. I find I can hardly talk or feel like I'm talking in slow motion because I can't get my mouth to work right.

I don't know that feeling unstable on my feet is a sign of lows for me unless it's just part of being totally zonked out.

Yes indeed. Numb tongue and lips are one of the primary low symptoms I get, along with blurry/funky vision. In fact, I don't usually get the shakes and sweats that most people get until I'm really low (like 40 or lower). But tingling/numbness in my face and lips, most definitely.

Oh yes. Manytimes!

Yes! This happens to me fairly often when I am low. I never heard anyone else mention it, so I thought it was just me!

i get this an awful lot! i also get really argumentative/snappy with people xx

Hi- When I experience lows My lips and tounge also experience numbness So I check my Bg. lately its been happening in afternoon. My enso has adjusted my pump but always seem to go low in afternoons. I am a 49yo type 1 since age of 3 and on pump for 4 years. I have had low drop real low while I was driving and thank go nothing to bad happened.

I get the numbness thing too if I'm very low, and definitely shaky on my feet - it feels dangerous to walk, as if I'm drunk. My field of vision narrows/blurs if I'm really low or high.

It sort of feels like you may have been to the dentist. As I have few symptoms of lows, if I catch one it's usually because of this.

It's one of the first physical symptoms I feel. My jaw tends to go real tight too.