Low Carb Breakfast

Hi everyone,

So I've been reading about Dr. Bernstein's methods for treating D, and am finally jumping on the bandwagon. I've been eating 2 slices of Country Naturals brand bacon every day for breakfast, with a small mug of coffee (stevia, 1T cream).

Is it okay to eat bacon everyday (health-wise)? 2 slices and the best kind they sell near me...


For reference, the rest of my food intake is things like SF jello, nuts, raw veggies with blue cheese dip, hard-boiled eggs, salads, stews, meat/fish with steamed veggies and stirfry's (without rice or noodles).

I'm eating the right amount of protein and calories for my height/weight and keeping the carbs around 10-30 a day...


Sounds kind of monotonousness to me. I have omelet and pork sausage patty, on occasion stone cut oats with blueberries. Broiled cottage cheese mixed with stevia and cinnamon on a half of a whole wheat "sandwich thin" along with my coffee with cream all add variety and keep my A1C in the mid fives for the past two years. Just a few examples of variety.

I would say bacon every day is OK, but I'm not sure what is in American bacon. I'm in England where bacon every day used to be normal.
I recently read some stuff about breakfast not being such an important meal as we've been taught in the past.That's been a relief to me as I often go without.
Back to the bacon. Make sure you've read the nutrition panel carefully. Again I don't know much about American nutrition panels.

In regards to bacon, If you are following the Dr. B program you are eating a high fat low carb diet, so the thing people following the traditional dietary guidelines would be concerned about, fat, should not concern you. Recent research also shows that saturated fat is not bad for you, contrary to what we have been all taught.

Some people object to the sodium nitrate or sodium nitrite, referred to as "cure", that is added to prevent spoilage. There are some bacon's that claim to use no cure but if you read their labels you will see celery juice, celery salt etc. These things are high in naturally occurring nitrates so claiming they use no cure is a scam. The pink color and taste of bacon come from the cure so bacon truly made without cure wouldn't be bacon. Here is a web page that discusses some of these issues.

If you decide you want to avoid cured meat one way is to eat a breakfast sausage made without cure. I get frozen patties made without cure. As always you have to read the labels to find products like these.

Here's instructions for making your own. Very simple ingredients, but you do need a grinder. I haven't done this yet, but it's on my to do list. Sausage making would seem to be a great hobby for a diabetic.