Low carb cocktails

Hi all, just wondering if anyone has suggestions for low/lower carb cocktails. Almost everyone loves a mixed drink now and then but so many have fruit juice and sugar. I already sub in splenda but I’d love to try something good this weekend that doesn’t blow my sugar through the roof. Any suggestions?

I do not know where you live but there is a fruit drink called Fuze that is sugarfree. Once at a party I brought that to make my own mix. They have different flavors and are very tasty when added alcohol. I also love to use frozen fruit like berries( strawberries, blueberries, etc) and ice to blend with alcohol instead of juice, its less sugar.

skinny girl margaritas. I drink them all the time.

or any flavored vodka and diet sprite or seltzer

What are your taste preferences? I think you should cultivate a taste for “classic” cocktails. Martinis, manhattans, and old-fashioneds (good ones aren’t sweet, but you often get nasty ones in a bar), of course, but also more obscure things like the corpse reviver, aviation etc.:

Martinis–REAL martinis, not sugary non-martini abominations like “appletinis” or “chocolatinis”-- are carb-free. Many other classic cocktails only have roughly 1 teaspoon to a tablespoon of either simple syrup or sweet liqueur – little enough that you can have one without bolusing, unless you’re high to start with. And, double bonus, classic cocktails have been super fashionable for a couple of years. If you live in an urban area, go to a bar that’s known for its cocktails (HINT: IT WILL NOT CALL THEM ALL ‘MARTINIS’!!!) and check out their cocktail menu. Even better, buy a book and play at home. My husband and I have had a lot of fun with David Wondrich’s Killer Cocktails.

Here’s the recipe for a Corpse Reviver, if you’re curious. This is one of the higher carb ones of the ones I have in mind, and it’s only 12g. And delicious:
1 oz gin
1 oz lemon juice (woah, I just looked it up, and it’s 1.5 g carbs!)
1 oz cointreau (there’s your carbs: 10g)
1 oz Lillet (.5 g carbs)
drop of Pernod or absinthe.
Total = 12 g carbs

Of course, these are all fairly serious drinks! I posted a question about less alcoholic “session drinks” a few weeks ago… I think the best answer was “light beer”, unfortunately. (The alternative is vodka – even flavored – and seltzer with lime. It’s OK.)

I stick with basic liquor & club soda. For something different, I ask for just a splash of OJ or splash of cranberry juice with vodka & soda. Anything mixed has a ton of carbs. There are low & zero carb mixes sold in individual packets that you can bring with you.

Guinness draft has less carbs than most beers I love it. 17 carbs for a pint. I can’t stand lite beer.

I just tried fuze for the first time based on your recommendation. Great idea. Thanks