Low-carb eating in Portugal

I'm a type 2 diabetic and looking for healthy eating suggestions in Portugal (Lisbon & points north for two weeks). I'm looking forward to fish, seafood, sausage etc.
Will green salads be available at most restaurants?
What about breakfast options. Will eggs be available? Whole grain breads?

Great time in Portugal. Ate well & (relatively) healthfully. Fish, seafood, roast kid, and sausages were all marvelous.
One of my favorite breakfast/snack foods: queixo fesco–a delightful fresh cheese, sold in little cups. Bakeries sell bread with whole grain (integral, milhao)–some mornings, I ordered a ham, cheese, & tomato sandwich on this–& ate open-faced. Potatoes inevitably accompany most meat & fish dishes. I had some success in requesting an alternative: ie cooked carrots (cenouras) or greens (cuve). Menu of the day (prato do dia) usually comes with dessert. After a few days, I learned to ask if fruit was an option.

I was no saint on this trip: I enjoyed some half glasses of wine, a few desserts, etc. Nevertheless, I lost 2.5 lbs in 2 weeks.

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Well done! I’m always interested in how we all do when travelling. So glad you made it work. It took me a trip or two in my early days, but I was thrilled when I made it work cross country on Amtrak!..Blessings…Judith