Traveling in Mexico = Hard time to stay diet conscience for diabetes. Any advice?

So I am in Mexico for work and I speak basic Spanish ie: donde esta bano? Anyone have some advice for smart diet low sugar foods while traveling in a foreign country?

I was in the Cancun area in Summer of 2011 and had no problem. Meat, seafood, dairy and non-starchy veggies without major sauces are always a big win. I could almost always find something at restaurants that was both low carb and tasty. I actually had a good experience shopping as well. Higher end grocery stores actually have wonderful Mexican foods, amazingly good veggies, meat and seafood (although I took greater care to wash and clean the food). It was pretty inexpensive as well. One meal I really enjoyed was Queso Flameado followed by Cochinita Pibil. Other good main dishes include barbacoa, pozole or birria. If you can avoid corn, wheat, potatoes and rice, you are almost assured of a low carb meal.

Common (healthy) soup options: caldo tlalpeno, consome, sopa de verduras, sopa de acelgas (chard).
Mariscos (seafood)!
Jicama. At restaurants you can always ask for a side of aguacate (avocado).
Great egg dishes, incl huevos a la mexicana, huevos albaniles
Avoid arroz (rice)--frijoles de olla is a healthier carb choice.

I would order things "sin arroz, sin tortillas."
Enjoy & do not walk into any panaderias (bakeries)!