Low carb, flax recipes

I am looking for some more low carb recipes using ground flax seed. Does anyone have some to share? Thanks a lot.

I’ve used a combination of the flax seeds and the cold-pressed oil with either lemon juice or red wine vinegar as a dressing for my favorite leafy greens.
Other things I have tried that are not real low carb, but are tasty is adding it to oatmeal or fruit smoothie.

Thanks Susan. I had not thought to add it to salad dressing. That sounds good.

My husband fixed Asparagus Quiche a few weeks ago and it was pretty good. The crust is made of flax meal, almond meal, and egg white, and salt. It’s a bit lengthy to prepare, but if it sounds like something you would like, email me and I will send you the recipe.

If you have a dehydrator there are recipes from places like “Giveittomeraw.com” Recipes for Flax crackers etc…
Victoria Boutenko also has some great recipes for free on her site. I think that one is “RawFamily.com

Thanks Toni. I would really like that.

I use flax instead of flour in many different recipes. I use half ground flax and half almond flour.

Thanks Meadowlark. I tried the Giveittomeraw.com link and couldn’t get the javascript to come up on my computer/ for some reason it kept kicking me off (I mean my computer did). I am leaving an e-mail on Rawfamily.com and hope to hear back from them. I appreciate the help.

Thanks Libby. You have such wonderful ideas and recipes. I sure hope you put together that cookbook we talked about before. I have your recipe for the flax waffles. If there are any more you want to share, I would love them.

Toni, I am sorry I forgot to leave my e-mail address. it is katsan1733@yahoo.com. Thank you.

I make a breakfast cereal that is just like oatmeal by mixing together the following. The quantities don’t have to be precise:

  1. Ground flax meal

  2. Whey Protein powder (similar volume to the amount of flax meal I use).

  3. Wheat bran

Stir it in a bowl and pour boling water over it and stir. Throw in a dash of DaVinci sugar free syrup for flavor, or use cream.

If I’m not trying to control weight, I may also put in some grated coconut or some nuts.

Thank you Jenny. I really enjoy the whey protein powder i use, both the vanilla and the chocolate. This “oatmeal” sounds good enough that I wonder if adding a couple more things to it I could make muffins out of it too. Would ground almond meal be the same as adding nuts to it? I have often envied my husband his hot bowl of cereal in the mornings. I will get some wheat bran and try this. It sounds good.


There are lots of low carb muffin recipes. I haven’t made any of them, but you could probably find them by Googling or looking on one of the low carb support boards like lowcarbfriends.com or forum.lowcarber.org. You can also find low carb recipes by searching the alt.support.diet.low-carb group on Google Groups looking for messages with “REC” in the titles.

I have to go easy with flax, myself, because it has hormonal properties and I’m exquisitely sensitive to hormones. Too much flax and I get all the symptoms of PMS.

Thanks Jenny. I have written down your info about the low carb places to look. Now that you remind me that they are there, I do remember pulling up a low carb site last year sometime. I had just forgotten.
I am sorry about the PMS. I am using the flax and chia seeds to get some omega 3’s in me. I am severely allergic to shellfish and fish and can’t even do the fish oil capsules. Even just a couple of days on those get my lungs all congested and swells my vocal chords. I have this terrible inflammation going on and the doctor said for me to try to get at least 6 tablespoons of ground flax and at least 4 or 5 teaspoons of chia seeds in me each day. I have been mixing the chia seeds into my low carb yogurt and the ground flax into the night time yogurt and my whey protein drinks, but am at a loss as to how to get all of the amount I am supposed to take in each day. I have added some to scrambled eggs and was hoping to get a few more options. I find that other diabetics are usually always my best source for creative ideas and great support. Thanks so much for your help.

Thanks, I was just looking on your page for a way to email, but couldn’t find it. I typed it in a word format, and will send it right now.

I often use a bread machine to make bread. I usually make whole grain bread with added 7-grain cereal and a 1/4 cup or so of flax seed.

You can make pancakes with 1 Tb ground flax, 1 Tb wheat germ, 1 egg. Ground nuts are a nice addition. Sweeten if you want. Use fake maple syrup, DaVinci syrups thickened with a bit of guar gum, or yogurt or kefir plus DaVinci syrup flavoring on top.

This morning I made one and melted cheese on top. You could make a few of those and throw them in a bag as a lunchtime snack.

Thanks Maureen . I have been looking up bread recipes. i hadn’t thought about using my bread machine. I always loved the wonderful smell of fresh bread that came from that machine. I have been missing bread sometimes and dont’ care for the ones from my grocery store. I will definitely try adding the flax to these recipes.

Thanks Gretchen. Pancakes have been sounding so good to me. I have a good sugar free syrup i like, but found a nice looking sugar free strawberry topping at the store today. I was wondering if i made small pancakes and put that sugar free strawbery topping on and then a spoonful of the sugar free Cool Whip on there if it would be like a dessert type pancake. I hadn’t though of cheese. That is a great idea too

Land O Lakes makes a sugarfree whipped cream. Real cream instead of whatever they put in Cool Whip.

These pancakes sort of puff up. Some people add baking powder, but it didn’t make much difference to me. You can also make crepe-style pancakes with protein powder and egg.