Low Carb or Keto Vegan/Vegetarian Recipe Sites

I thought this might be useful for some too.




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Thanks a bunch, Marie. Looks great. My sister-in-law made a vegan shepards pie the other week and they invited be over because they figured I had never had shepards pie before. It was fantastic!

And if you want to go out for a mind-blowing low-carb meal, go to any good Chinese restaurant and order hotpot. You can make it at home but it tends to have so many specialty ingredients, you need to go to a Chinese supermarket or Chinatown to buy them. And then you need the proper yin yang pan to boil the mild and spicy soups and a heater for the pan as well. There are specialty hot pot restaurants in all larger US cities that have a Chinatown. Try it once and you will be hooked.

I take my 6 grandaughters to Boston Chinatown a couple of times a year for hot pot and every time I see them, one of their first questions is when are we going to hotpot again. I have an 11-year old that is so in love with the quail eggs, that by the time she was 6 she would call over the waitress and ask, in Chinese, for a big batch of quail eggs. They are always so stunned to see the little white girl order quail eggs in Chinese that they bring her an endless supply for the hotpot.

I love anything by Carolyn Ketchum. Her webpage is All Day I Dream About Food, and she has multiple cookbooks. Delicious!

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A few more Vegan and Vegetarian low carb sites.

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These are great, thanks - I will have to check them out later. I’m a fresh vegetarian - only 2 months - so having some trouble regulating my blood sugars with this change in my diet. Of course seeing my endo next week so she’ll be poring over my CGM data… ugh!

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