Low digestive enzymes

I found out that I have low digestive enzymes. Does anyone else have this problem? My doctor said its common for diabetics to have low digestive enzymes because they are secreted by your pancreas and diabetes can affect the ability of your pancreas to secrete insulin and digestive enzymes.
I take digestive enzymes at each meal but its annoying because I think I have to do this forever in addition to taking my insulin.

Yep, I do. I take three Betaine caps with each meal. What kind do you use?

How did you find out that you had low digestive enzymes?..were you tested and what made your doctor test for your condition with your enzymes?

I told the doctor that I was having stomach pain and bloating and my stomach always hurt after I ate big meals, so he gave me a stool test to do. The results showed that I have very low pancreatic enzymes and that I need to take digestive enzymes everytime I eat. I also felt really tired after eating and felt like I was sick. But even before I complained about my stomach my doctor suspected that I had low digestive enzymes, hes a holistic doctor and hes really smart, he knows exactly what to test for and how to treat people. I just wish I didnt have to take the enzyme pills everytime I eat something, eating seems like a chore now. First check, then count carbs, then do my shot, then take my pills, then think about if I did the right amount of insulin etc…

How fortunate you are to have a well informed doctor.