Low LDL Cholesterol?

My recent lab work shows my LDL cholesterol as 1.21 with the range being 1.50-3.40 mmol/L. I’ve never had out of range cholesterol before and am quite nervous. I see my doctor Thursday, but is this a huge red flag??

I’ve been dealing with major anxiety, panic attacks and depression for the last 6 months. I’ve just been started on Teva-Pranol to see if it helps because 2 other medications have had no effect whatsoever.

I’m really scared. Has anyone had low LDL before? Is this something I can work to make normal?

I appreciate any comments.

Do you mean low HDL? LDL is the bad cholesterol and a low level of it good.

Hi I just double checked–my HDL is normal, but my LDL is low.

If your diet is healthy, and your other cholesterol numbers (triglycerides, total, and HDL) are within range, that’s a great number.

As long as it is not caused by something else - like if you had an eating disorder or digestive problem - and as long as you are eating in a way that let’s you either maintain a healthy weight or lose weight at a good safe rate, than a low LDL is wonderful.

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With the same lab range as yours, my last two LDL cholesterol results have been 1.29 and 1.23 mmol/L. I asked both my endocrinologist and cardiologist about it, and they both thought it was great. They said the lower the better.


Oh thank goodness. That makes me feel better. Thanks for sharing your numbers.

I saw my Endo and he said that yes, I was out of range, but in a good way! Apparently my cholesterol is fabulous! :smiley:


Yes u want a low LDL and a high HDL.


I noticed you said you have anxiety and depression. I did run across this article you might read about low cholesterol. It’s mostly about low cholesterol versus low LDL, and I think a lot might be unknown about specifically low LDL. But it’s worth a read and to make a note of.

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Isn’t that article referring to abnormally low total cholesterol, rather than low LDL?

Abnormal or Abbie normal?

@Dave44 yes it is mostly all talking about low cholesterol. She doesn’t mention her total cholesterol and they just talk about an ideal range of LDL. But since she has anxiety and depression, it’s worth a read in case she has low cholesterol or even on the lower end? Also if she just developed these in the last 6 months and her LDL just recently fell, it could be a solution to bump up hopefully good fats (or fats) in her diet?
It’s just something I thought she might want to read.

That’s great news! My LDL has always been low-normal range, but a cardiologist put me on the lowest dose of a statin because it’s guidance for all diabetics. My LDL dropped below normal range, but my endo and cardiologist said don’t worry about it. They tell me LDL is a calculated value based on total cholesterol, HDL and triglycerides. It’s not measured directly. The equation underestimates LDL.

Late last year the American Heart Association released new guidelines for LDL levels and recommended using a new, more accurate equation. Anyone concerned about their LDL level (low or high), might ask your doctor about this.

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