Hypo symptoms

I know there are the usual hypo symtoms of sweating, headache, fast heartbeat, feeling shakey, going pale. However i just wanted to know if anyone else has had symptoms where part of you goes numb, every so often I get numbness in the front of my mouth (sort of bottom lip and the front) sometimes i’d get a numb/tingly feeling in my hands and in other parts of my body.

Have any of you lot ever experienced any of this sort of thing?

I did get the numb lip thing when I had hypo awareness but only right before I was going to pass out.

My lips, esp lower lip, gets numb. Sometimes, my hands shake.

Yes, I had this too. Lips and tongue and sometimes my tights.

I used to,but I don’t anymore because of my hypo unawareness,it kind of feels funny,it sometimes happen nowadays if I was ridiculously low.
it’s normal,hypo affects all of your body,including your neurological system .
so no need to worry =]

Yes, I get this regularly with lows. Either in my mouth or in my legs.

It scared me at first, but my doctor said that I should not worry about it.

For me, it is not necessarily only with my most severe lows. I can’t figure out what it depends on. Sometimes I get numbness with lows and sometimes not.

But you are definitely not alone :slight_smile:

I’ll get a numb feeling on the back of my neck and my upper back sometimes, its rather strange. Occasionally I’ll get a numb feeling on my face, but its not as often. I no longer get the sweats or shake when I’m low, I’ll notice I cannot focus my eyes to read. But after 13 years, lows are much more subtle, I have to pay closer attention.

I find that if the hypo is brought on by physical activity that the numbness/tingling is more likely. And that the numb/tingly thing does not happen for the most minor hypos, that my bg has to be way below 60 for this to begin. And a rapid drop below 60 (as brought on by physical activity when my bg may have been normal to low to begin with) is the most likely to cause this.

Numb/tingly is a pretty good description but not quite right. In my experience it’s not that I’ve lost physical sensation there, it’s more that I feel detached from the physical sensation.

Yes, “numb lips” are one place.

Another place is that I feel kinda numb in my legs.

The adrenaline shakes (a very common hypo symptom) can cause my arms to feel a little shaky, but I wouldn’t use the words numb/tingly.

Some have suggested that this numb/tingly manifestation of a hypo is a symptom of neuropathy but I don’t buy it. The numb lips thing has been there since the week I was diagnosed at age 14.

My gut feeling is that as bg drops, parts of the neurological begin shutting down or malfunctioning, and this is a physical reason for the numb/tingly hypo symptom. I’ve had more severe hypos where, how do I phrase this nicely, an “altered state of consciousness” sets in, or I am still semi-conscious but my limbs are having seizure-type effects, or I can’t point both my eyes in the same direction. That’s scary stuff.

Tim, good observations. This is consistent with my experience.

I actually get numb legs only when I have been walking around. I walk a lot to get from place to place and this is the first symptom I notice when I am on the go. Also, I think that it only happens when I am below 60. But if I am at home (not moving much), then I can be 45 and still have no loss of sensation in my legs.

My doctor also said that these symptoms are not connected to any permanent nerve damage, but just my body reacting to the low.

Yes, exactly, the numb leg thing happens most when I’ve been walking a lot, I started out with a normal bg, and there was a rapid drop.

I wonder if the neurons in my leg, because there was so much physical activity there, ran out of glucose first?

Some people accuse me of talking too much but I don’t think that’s the reason why my lips also get numb if I have a hypo during physical activity :-).

Me too! Makes sense to me, Tim. Tingly on my thighs when walking alot but haven’t had that feeling for quite some time. I don’t get alot of strong signals anymore, No physical signs that I can recognize, more mental and it is usually pretty low by that time.

I have noticed my hypo awareness changing over time. I used to notice the physical symptoms first… now I notice the mental symptoms first.

The adrenaline shakes used to be a very reliable hypo symptom. Not so often anymore. But when they do come, they really throw me for a loop.

I’m glad its not just me! I had a low the other day (31 mg/dl) which came out of no where ( I have some hypo unawareness), and all of a sudden my right arm was very numb feeling!
I’ve definitely had the lip thing before too, its so freaky!

If my husband’s blood sugar is quite low (around 30 or less) then his chest and stomach get very itchy. Weird! I do wonder if the itchiness comes from numbness or tingling.

I’ve been diabetic almost 18 years and a couple months ago during a low I noticed my tongue was numb! Freaked me out but then I saw that other people had this as a symptom. I’ve noticed it since then during a few times when I’ve been in the 50s or 40s. But weird that it hasn’t happened all this time up until recently!

Randomly, my tongue will go numb. Or my tastebuds may react. This never happens with my “bad” lows, usually when I go low during a meal.

How funny! When my thighs would tingle they would get really itchy too!! :slight_smile:

Thy hypo symptoms : head ache, trembling, e t c

I did not get numb lips until I had been diabetic for over 40 years. I now have 56 years under my belt. I always, always rely on my body telling me I am low. I always get confusion, absolute confusion about the stupidist of things…opening the fridge and staring at it…when I am really low I have trouble focus-ing. My eyes don;t seem to work. I always get sweating on my stomach…so embarrasing…with really bad lows when I am sleeping my husband tells me I scream.
I very often have had a conversation that makes no sense and unfortunately, quite often, I get argumentative and angry at people. I have sometimes lashed out at people trying to help me which is not good. I am very thankful that my husband understands.
Anyway, it is such a horrible feeling and just wish it wouldn’t happen

Yes, my tounge and bottom lip sometimes goes numb, it usually happens when it’s extremely low or if it drops fast. AT least I know i’m not the only one with this…thought I was crazy :slight_smile: