Low Testosterone & Pulling Teeth to Get Treatment

I have seriously low testosterone levels, well below normal. Why is it so difficult to get medical doctors to understand the difficulties of living with diabetes. Add to this extremely low testosterone levels which impact my mental well being, I am at my wits end.

I would suggest that all males with diabetes get tested for low testosterone. It should be standard procedure.

Have any other men here had trouble with low testosterone? What did you do?


At first they had me on the gel - messy and a pain to keep away from everyone and anything. The only good thing about it is that it burns (meaning on fire via a match)great! In the end, it didn't work at all.

Now, I have an injection every two weeks with a blood pressure check. I did have to decrease the dose because of the "rage" factor (tried to pull a guy out of his car after he flipped me off at a red light). I have had to adjust my insulin because it brought my BG down. Be warned: you might get the finger of love every three months if they start you on it.

I am very fortunate doctor-wise. I see him twice a week since we play hockey together (now). When I first started seeing him, thing were nothing like they are now. Frankly, he didn't believe just about anything I told him. The only thing that changed his mind was when we did play together. The old fat guy (me) toasted his backside on the ice.

This 2009 TuD discussion contains some interesting comments on low testosterone and diabetes.

A 2008 Australian study found that "testosterone deficiency is common in men with diabetes, regardless of the type."

I’m a middle aged woman who just started on bioidentical hormones including testosterone. My BG numbers are plummeting.