Luv new smaller pods

On my second new smaller pod… Easy breezy…small and lite just like me. Some of you guys had me alittle worried.

It's the old 10 to 1 ratio thing, purely a human issue. For one person that gets ticked off, they'll complain to 10 others (though the Internet multiplies that by a LOT). Make one person happy and they may tell only one other.

So, any given day with any given product you're more likely to hear complaints than good. Take them all with a grain of salt.

I love mine too! I had two with failure (both due to heat and sand in Mexico) and customer service replaced then no issue! Easy to use and reduced my a1c from 7.4 to 6.1.

I just started on the new system and have already had 3 pod failures (for no reason?) and I'm going away for the weekend and feeling a little uneasy. I'm bringing extra supplies but still feel nervous.

I do like the new smaller size; we shall see, I guess time will tell.

I am on Pod #3 of the new system, and so far, I agree with you. I have had no problems, so I guess I got a good box of them! While the "Confirm" each time I "wake" it is something I will have to get used to, overall the hassles of the new system are still far better than having to rely on multiple daily injections. Life is good, and I am glad that you are having a great experience with the new Pods also.

Agree 100%. Love the new pods.

I had three new pod failures on prime during a business trip, which left me with no pods and a quick trip to multiple injections. I also, like so many others, could not get through to Insulet’s customer service to report the problem.

Thanks to others on this board, I read that Insulet is advising (for those patient enough to wait on hold over an hour for a customer service rep) that pods should only be filled with less than 200 units. For me, this has avoided subsequent pod failures on prime. Good luck!

I called the other day to report a failed (older version) pod, and the rep told me that since they're no longer making the old pods they'll give me an extra pod with my next order - which will be the new system. He also told me, as a kind of heads up, that putting over 200 units in the new system will likely cause failures.

You'd think now that they're getting this word out proactively they'd take some time to inform users through a mass email or something.

I was told that by the person who trained me on the old pods 5 years ago. No less than 85 and no more than 200.

3 failures over the weekend with a little over 200 units (I think). I'm a huge fan of the Omnipod, but I also have no problem saying when things go bad. If the pod is going to fail on priming with anything over 200 units then the needles used to draw the insulin out should have a maximum capacity of 200 units as a fail safe.

Insulet is replacing the pods, but it was a huge pain as I was out of town and needed to find a pharmacy at 2am where I could get a Levemir pen to do MDI for 48 hours. My fault on not bringing the back up Levemir pen on my trip, but crazy I had 3 failures in a row.

I'm on pod 4 of the new system,no problems so far, did have one fail on priming and only waited 7 min for customer service!!(I did call Sat morning though). It did give me a chance to ask them where the rest of order was, when I first placed the order they told me the rest of my order was going to ship in 2 weeks , that was 3 1/2 weeks ago. Luckily I had 4 old pods I used up to give me cushion before I switched over.

I'm loving the new pods! I was so worried by reading a bunch of people's reactions, but am thankful for all the advice. I started with the "right at 200" units and it seems to work :) I'll definitely take that one extra confirmation screen over that bigger pod any day! Love the size and I know they'll improve it in time!

I've had 3 failures in a row on the old pods. So I really don't think it's a "new pod" thing. I just started my new pods today after finally running out of the old pods. They really are different. But, I also filled this new pod as full as the syringe would let me, which is just slightly over 200 units. Didn't fail. Not holding my breath yet either, but with one so far no problems.

Yeah I'm not 100% sure it was because I was over 200, but I hope that's the reason. Would rather have a concrete reason that can be fixed/addressed than random failures for unknown reasons.

That's awesome. Can hardly wait to get them up here.

Whoo, whoo. I called too when one of the last couple old pods failed and a new one is being sent. Only use a little over 100 units and usually thow away 30+.

Just transferred to the new system on Sunday, and I LOVE the smaller pods too! Even bumped into a door frame (not on purpose; I'm a klutz), and didn't knock off my pod thanks to its slimmer profile. :) The extra confirmation prompts on the PDM are slightly annoying, but all in all, I really like and am happy with the new system.

AMEN to all the POSITIVE comments on here. Glad im not the only one COMPLETELY satisfied with the new ones.

The new smaller pods are phenomenal! Much more comfortable and the reliability I've experienced is excellent. Can't imagine what it was like in the days of boiling needles....Once the integrated POD/CGM comes out from Insulet (likely to be a while but already in the pipeline) it will represent the next quantum leap forward. We are lucky beyond measure to have companies willing to invest in bringing us better technology and solutions.