Lyumjev - New Lilly fast acting Insulin announced

On June 16, 2020 Lilly announced that the FDA has approved a new fast acting insulin. The insulin name will be Lyumjev. It will be on par and in some cases quicker than FIASP or Apridra. of course I am sure in certain circumstances FIASP or Apridra will be faster than Lyumjev. Here is the announcement on the site P&T community web site.

Living in Indianapolis I have heard of this new product for several months now as friends have been working on preparing the documentation for the FDA. Obviously, I did not know the name, or any details only that they were working on a new faster acting insulin.

It is great to have one more choice in this space.


That’s quite the tongue twister. So many diabetics don’t even know the difference between basil and basal, so I can’t wait to see what they make of THAT! :smiley:


@Robyn_H the difference between basil and basal is Fawlty Towers, lol


Green men from mars must be coming up with these names.


I often wonder who thinks up these crazy names😹

I have to wonder why we need yet another faster insulin? I hope it helps some people though. I have problems with digestion and lows so I am not looking for a faster insulin.

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Fiasp doesn’t pump for a lot of users so this could address that. Also with the push to closed loops faster insulin is a plus so instead of you bolusing the system just reacts to blood glucose.

Also $$$. Lilly makes nothing if everyone moves to Fiasp.

At this point, I think new med names must be AI-derived in combination with available domain names. If you look at Lilly’s (and other pharm co’s) other names, it’s a linguist’s Jurassic Park.

I would call it Rick’s Fast Insulin. RFI

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I’ve been patiently waiting for this for quite some time! Glad its finally commercially available.

That was my issue with Fiasp - doesn’t work reliably in my Tslim pump. I have to dilute it 80/200 with Humalog for reliable results - and that’s a pain in the rear. Fiasp was officially approved for Medtronic pumps a few months ago.

I called Lilly support and asked about pumps. Lyumjev is approved for pump use and was tested with a host of Medtronic pumps (5 models I believe) and Roche Spirit. Unfortunately, not Tandem. I’m going to give it a try anyway. I’ve been using the Lilly $35/month max copay card so I’ll make that investment and get a few vials.

Hate the name.

No idea how to pronounce it for certain.

Will they be making it in Ljubljana?

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I think it will be introduced at the Lyumjev - 500. Making it the fastest way around the track with easy on and off track pit stops.

They are expecting a a real shot in the arm, hip, and butt.

I think this is great. Some people are allergic to fiasp, or it only works a short time for them. This could be the answer for some. I happen to like Humalog more than Novolog.

Fiasp did not work for me in OmniPod. After the first month, it just seemed like I was injecting saline water instead of insulin :frowning: And it was never fast acting. It was no different than Humalog for me even the first month.

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For inquiring minds, from a Lilly website:

Lyumjev, pronounced: (LOOM-jehv)


Looks great


@Paytone Thanks for posting this. This looks amazing, esp for DIY systems like Loop with Autobolus, or FreeBolus. I would definitely like to try it.


Can I ask why so many people want ever-faster acting insulin? I don’t get it. I can’t understand the emphasis on speed.

Most people on this site pre-bolus in order for the insulin to start working before they eat so they don’t get a spike in BG. If the insulin starts working faster then there is less waiting before you can eat and for new automated pumps that are supposed to control BG with changes in basal rates having something that works faster means less time out of range.