Major Change but Knowledge is Power

On Thursday, April 12, I received the biggest news I have needed to date!! You see, for nearly 12 years, I have been led to believe that I was a Type 2 diabetic. I have been prescribed so many different pills to control my blood sugar and none of them worked! I had been seeing the same Dr. for many years and now it seems that I was just his little guinea pig for experimentation. I, luckily, have only had one very serious crisis situation where I had ketoacidosis about 6 years ago...but it seems that one simple test that should have been administered to me upon my diagnosis could have prevented all of my turmoil...Perhaps, I cannot blame my current Dr. because he was not the one who diagnosed me initially. I told him I was a Type 2 diabetic- adult onset due to obesity and I suppose he went from there. However, I did everything in my power to lose weight ( I lost 68lbs.), BMI was perfect, diet was great, etc. but still my blood sugar would not regulate to normal levels. More pills, more pills and then the introduction of insulin....Fine!!!
So we are talking 6 more years of poor care until last Thursday! I changed Dr.'s. I now rely on a wonderful endocrinologist who administered the C-peptide test that shows that I am Type 1. Why or why did I not get this test before??? Was it because I was overweight at the time of my diagnosis??
I want to be angry but I rather use that energy to find out how to help myself get better and stronger!
I just needed to vent and I suppose encourage others to investigate their condition thoroughly and look for second and third opinions if need be...It is our life we are fighting for afterall!

Wow, I had the same thing happen to me. Family doc I was seeing spent more time putting me down than anything else and never thought to do that test either. So when I did have an attack of keto and was rushed to the ER one step away from a coma they did and found out I was also a Type 1. At that point I was hooked up with a wonderful Endo and have not looked back. Good luck to you and keep moving forward Noni! :)

I spent a week in the ICU with DKA and Adrenal Crisis and had every test run on be except an antibody test and c-peptide test (the dr was afraid my insurance would not cover it.. b.s.). It was not until years later when I asked for one I discovered I was T!.

I think it is rather big of you to not blame your doctor. But in fact he is to blame. He treated you for years and none of the treatments worked. Weight loss didn't work and the medications didn't work. If your doctor went for years and couldn't help you, he knows what to do, refer you to a specialist. You have every right to be angry.

+1 to being angry! We see these stories all the time, BSC dx'ing himself b/c his doctor was an endork, Lil Mama exercising 3x/ day to keep her BG on a leash b/c the doc didn't think she was quite there? This is wrong on the part of doctors and they should be held accountable for these type of negligent errors.

Thank you dzninermom1, Matthew Yarbrough,bsc and acidrock23 for your support and comments. I have a friend who is having a similar problem and I plan to ask her as soon as I can talk to her if she has had this test done because she is now having very serious complications. I wish you all more health and strength for your journeys!!!