Make it stop

Does anyone know how to stop the beeping when the low reservoir alarm goes off(besides changing the pod)? My sons alarm went off at school today, he had enough insulin to make it to our scheduled pod change after practice but it would not stop beeping! I guess it was pretty distracting, and it went on until we finally changed it. I thought I had the settings set correctly but I must not. Can anyone help? Thanks!!

You can go into alerts and reminders and set what level you want that reminder to start beeping at. If you need more specific info, just say so, I can go through it step by step.

If a pod change was coming up, it might have been doing the hourly beep that it starts leading up to pod change time. I think you can adjust how soon that alert starts too.

When my low reservoir alarm starts it stops as soon as I acknowledge it on my PDM (when you turn the PDM on it says something like “Low Reservoir! 25 units left”). When you hit ok that alarm should go away. If it didn’t then call Insulet and let them know. There may be a setting to alert you every 5 units or something until it’s done that I have disabled but I don’t remember that. Good luck figuring it out.

There is a small pin sized hole on the under side of the pod that you can stick a needle in to deactivate the alarm. Like there is on some clocks in a car or a watch. It is reachable with the pod still inserted.