Beep Beeps!

It never fails that I ALWAYS get my “notifications” in the middle of the night. Beeeeeeeeep Beeeeeep!
I went into the menu and turned every alarm OFF that I could find. Why is it still beeping at me? I know it’s designed to notify you for pod expiration and low resevoir but what if I want to go to a wedding or funeral and this thing starts beeping? Not to mention getting woke up every 2nd night.

How often do you change? I do it every 72 hours, but I know that some have to do it more often.
Why don’t you change one a little early- say late afternoon. That’ll take care of that sort of alarm. And as far as special occasions- surely you’ve got enough warning about something like that to prepare.

I change every 72 hours also . I dont’ want to waste any insulin that’s why I don’t change it before I have to. It just seems to me that if you didn’t want that alarm on you should be able to turn it off. I’ve only been on the Omni Pod for a month and 1/2 so this is why I ask all the questions. It’s all new to me.

did you make sure that the “confidence alerts” was off also?


In the alerts/reminders screen you can set timing both alarms. I change pods in the am usually around 7:30 I set the change pod reminder for 12hrs, so 7:30pm. You can change the low resivoir alarm by inreasing or decreasing the amount so it doesn’t go off in the middle of the night. Hope that helps.

Thank you so much-I changed mine so now hopefully it won’t wake me up anymore.