Making a difference - what are you doing?

Sometimes ideas start with a small seed.

Last night, a question was posted during #dsma discussion on Twitter that made me think. It was, in essence:

What are you doing for World Diabetes Day?

Since then I’ve been pondering this very question.

At the time I thought, what can I do when so much of my time is eaten up by the day to day busy-ness of living and just getting by. Kind of a lame duck excuse, isn’t it? When I got to my office this morning, as I was opening my Outlook, a very simple idea presented itself to me.

What if I tested the water as a diabetes advocate?

Maybe that’s overstating it a bit, giving how big the diabetes advocacy efforts are. But the question put me right outside of my comfort zone. I don’t normally share much about what I’m passionate about in ‘my other life’ with my co-workers - those very people I see almost every single day. But maybe it’s time.

Now I work for a government agency, so people don’t usually share such personal things in email, but what the heck! You don’t get it if you don’t try. I drafted a letter (on my lunch break of course!) and forwarded it to my boss for his ok. I was a little nervous, but he said go for it. This is what I sent out:

I don’t normally share things like this or even ask for sponsorships for anything, but today I would like to invite you to watch a video. It will make a difference, and won’t cost a thing but 2 minutes of your time while on your lunch break.

World Diabetes Day is coming up on November 14, and Roche, one of the biggest pharmaceuticals is sponsoring a video – each view will generate one donation of insulin for a child in need. World Diabetes Day is officially recognized by WHO, the World Health Organization.

So at lunch time, I’d like to invite you to visit the website linked below and watch this video. The goal is to reach at least 100,000 views by November 14. It is also on YouTube for those who’d rather search directly – just use the search term “Big Blue Test”. And if you like it, I ask you to send it to your friends and family.

The video is here:

That about says it all, I appreciate the time you took to watch, and please share. Remember each viewing of the video until November 14th helps another child with diabetes.

Anyway, I’m stepping off my soapbox, and thank you for considering my request.

And if you are wondering what you can do, think outside the box. It need only take a few minutes. You are welcome to take parts (or all) of the letter. You can write about what makes you passionate about this topic near and dear (or not so dear) to your heart. It doesn't need to be elaborate, fancy, or anything else.

Remember that small seed that started with a question? Let it grow. And it won't hurt. It will make a difference.

Good job! I, too, am nervous about advocacy outside the DOC. I think you made a great choice.

Beautifully said and done. Too many of us take the time to email jokes and even chain letters to everyone we know so you are absolutely right. I am cannibalizing this email of yours and will be sending it out to everyone on my various email lists. Thanks.