What are You Doing for World Diabetes Day?

World Diabetes Day (WDD) is celebrated annually on November 14. Led by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), World Diabetes Day was created in 1991 by IDF and the World Health Organization in response to growing concerns about the escalating health threat posed by diabetes.

November 14th was chosen for this special day because it’s the birthday of the scientist most credited with the discovery of insulin, Sir Frederick Banting. Every year on this day, people all over the world participate in events to raise public awareness about diabetes. Many of these events are celebratory and fun, as we with diabetes take a moment to appreciate each other and our lives, diabetes and all.

How will YOU celebrate World Diabetes Day this year? Post your plans below!

I don’t have specific plans for the day. DOC stuff, BBT, etc. Thursday, 11/05, I volunteered to work a JDRF table for the “vendor fair”(?) portion of an event about diabetes for school nurses at a local hospital. D meetup for dinner 11/3

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I’ll be at the Swiss Medical Students Convention, which is gonna be awesome, but not Diabetes related at all :smirk:
But I’m gonna wear blue and think of all of you awesome guys out there!!!


Celebrating my birthday dagnabbit and doing my best NOT to think about diabetes! Not that that ever works…


Going to a wedding!

Edited 11/12/15 to add: I submitted a letter to the editor of our local paper about WDD, diabetes rates in my state, and symptom of diabetes.

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Happy birthday, DrBB, a little early.

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I’ll be visiting spring on the south island of New Zealand.

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I wonder if this is when I should “come out” about my dx.

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I’ll wave as your plane goes over Perth!


I am celebrating the month by sticking in Dex sensor #2 that I’ve managed to acquire from my buddies Anne Marie (who also shared a transmitter and a receiver, as her daughter downgraded to a 4…) and Danielle who passed along another sensor so I can continue my Dexperiment, along with my usual Medtronic Enlites.

Just the start of the log provides important clues as to why I don’t log…

By supporting www.insulin4all.tumblr.com, a campaign pushing for access to insulin, diabetes supplies, education and care for everyone with diabetes worldwide! We hope you will all support the campaign, too! #insulin4all!

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You can find WDD activities here on the International Diabetes Federation website. There are a lot of events that are NOT listed here, but it’s a start! If you find one near you please post it in this thread for others to know about :slight_smile:

I am sending all of my friends with diabetes at T1D Nude Diabetes Advocacy Calendar! http://www.t1dexposed.org It’s seriously the perfect World Diabetes Day gift.


I’m going to be checking out some of the #dsma World Diabetes Day chats on Twitter! @Sweeter_Cherise posted the hour by hour schedule here

let’s see if we can get World Diabetes Day to be a trending topic again this year!

World Diabetes Day Down Under

I’m visiting the South Island of New Zealand and came across this roadside billboard:

What they do to raise money for diabetes is to dump a few thousand numbered plastic ducks in an irrigation canal. They pre-sell at $5 a chance to win $500. This event has been staged for the last few years and typically raises about $6k, entertains race watchers, and provides an opportunity to educate about diabetes.

Here’s a pic of the race launch a few years ago:

Another pic further down the canal:

Diabetes is truly a world-wide scourge. I plan to place a few dollars on my lucky duck!


@yourhanner Yes, you totally should! :smiley:
Obviously don’t know your back story, but am happy to chat if you need encouragement. It’s both for your safety and your general comfort with that part of yourself that you should let people around you know. Good luck!

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Cute duckies!

Honestly, did not know there is a specific day in addition to November being Diabetes Awareness Month.

My already made plan was to do my regular yoga class in the morning and then go to a free yoga fest at a local restaurant in the afternoon. I suppose the unusual two sessions will be my way of celebrating. It is all health-related – should count as appropriate, no? :slight_smile:

My daughter will wear all blue to school. Down to and including her panties. (What if someone accidentally pushed open the stall door while she was using the restroom at school and saw pink undies? That just wouldn’t be right.) Blue eyeshadow (hello 50s Barbie) and blue lipstick, too. (She bought it last year for WDD.) And her “I prefer to call it Live-a-betes” tee-shirt. And her blue diabetes alert bracelet (yay, RoadID!) When people ask her why she is so blue, she will give them her “Diabetes in a nutshell” speech.

Go blue or go home!

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy World Diabetes Day tomorrow; you all are my heroes!:comet::comet::comet::comet::comet::comet::comet::comet::comet::comet::comet::comet::comet::comet::comet::comet::comet::comet::comet::comet::comet::comet::comet::comet::comet::comet::comet::comet::comet::comet::comet::comet::comet::comet:


I would love to see pictures! and who’s getting a special manicure?

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