A simple goal for World Diabetes Day

You know that person you have been meaning to tell about TuDiabetes.com but haven’t because you haven’t had time or have forgotten?

How about you make it a goal to tell at least one other person about TuDiabetes on World Diabetes Day? Think about it… we could reach out to more than 10 thousand people by next week.

Sounds like a lot of people? Perhaps, but isn’t it scarier to have all those folks out there feeling alone with their diabetes?

Ooo, awesome idea! Will do.

I will share with everyone I know with diabetes.

I posted a link on my Facebook page. I want as many people to know not only about TuDiabetes.com, but also to know about diabetes. It is my hope that the more people we can reach, the closer we may be to finding a cure.

I have it on my MySpace, and will send a shout out to all my friends.

I will be sharing this with members of my Masonic Lodge in New York on the night before.

I will be sharing this with Friends and Family

I will take those cards you sent for my donation and leave them at my endo’s office. I’ve already told all my d-friends many times.

I’ve just told an unknown number of people who use the newsgroup alt.support.diabetes, and plan to tell more people in a few other diabetics newsgroups when my newsreader catches up.

I was at the grocery store yesterday, and there was a table set up with all kinds of diabetes literature. I asked the diabetes educator there what she would be doing on WDD, and I received a blank stare! I wrote down “www.tudiabetes.com” on a piece of paper - “here’s where you should start!”. When I got home, the package had come with my gifts from our recent fundraiser - including those postcards, which I will keep in my purse - a week never goes by that I don’t have the opportunity to tell at least one person about TuD!


I joined the World Diabetes Day recognition group on Facebook and left this post encouraging people to join or tell others of their membership there already.

i have been and will continue to spread the word to as many as possible.

nov 20 i will attend a forum for the sickness of my 18 years old daughter diagnose as a turner sydrome and type 1 diabetic.

Sure thing!