Who has plans for World Diabetes Day 11/14?

I’m curious what my fellow friends, diabetes advocates, & members of the community are planning for WDD. I know many of us feel that we advocate every day of the year for diabetes, feel burnout by other recent events, or aren’t sure how to participate. For others, this day is vital, a chance to connect with others, and helps bring awareness into new areas.

How do you plan to participate on Monday?
Sit back and take it all in? Do something locally?
Start your own initiative? Do something outside the box?

I’ve had type 1 for about 4 years and this year, I am going to do a couple things “close to home”. I’m going to have a long-overdue chat with some people I love about low blood sugar and reach out to someone recently-diagnosed with diabetes that that might need support. That is my self-challenge for WDD. Two small things, that I’ve procrastinated, but important. :slight_smile: