Making a statement for D-BLOG DAY Today!

(in case you don’t know what d-blog day is, I started it on my blog 3 years ago and it is every year on November 9th, we have named it the diabetes blogging community holiday!) This is the first post I wrote about having a d-blog day on October 11, 2005

This year I decided to make a statement instead of writing....

Please pass the logo below to show your support for the D-Blog Day holiday this year.

And after you post the logo tell someone else to post it. Lets make it like a chain logo for the online diabetes community!

Then link back to this post (HERE IS THE LINK BACK) and tell them to comment here so we can see who has actually done it!
Lets see how many people will copy the logo in their d-blog post!

Just right click the logo and copy the image address its that simple!

PLEASE don't forget to pass me a comment to say HI and that you copied the image! Have a HAPPY AND SAFE D-BLOG DAY!

hi Gina! I copied the image! thanks!! :slight_smile: