D-Blog Day Post: TuDiabetes in One Year

November 2007

  • 1,000+ members from 114 countries
  • 24,000 visits
  • Average visit: 5 minutes long
  • Less than 5 pages viewed per visit
  • Word In Your Hand:

October 2008

  • 5,000+ members from 148 countries
  • 63,000+ visits
  • Average visit: 6 minutes long
  • More than 6 pages viewed per visit
  • Lighting up in blue… (more to come)

All in all, thousands of lives of people touched by diabetes now sharing with each other, no going through life with diabetes on their own... This makes every single day better than the day before!

thanks manny ! for participating and doing what you do

lol…You Rock! Thanks for everything:)

Absolutely amazing, what you’ve accomplished in such a short time.

Thank you so much, Manny.

(And I can’t wait to hear about your next big thing! :slight_smile:

Happy D-blog day! I see that picture of you in Twitter and it cracks me up!

Yup Manny, you are the man. Congrats & loads of D-love!