What will you do on D day?

Do you have planned something special on next november 14th ?

In my case, I post a status on my facebook profile to explain to all my contact what it is to live with diabetes.

I was thinking of getting the diabetic alert tattoo I’ve had planned for awhile on that day

Great Mario !!.
As in the past : our home will be lit with blue lights for at least 1/2 month ; our local Shuswap Theater will be adorned with blue lights … I hope Canadian Diabetes Association will get Ottawa’s Parliament Buildings lit up …together with JDRF ??
( I got a response , that CDA Toronto is working on this) ; I will go to a CDA Expo event ( which is held on Saturday the 13 th ) in Kamloops , BC .
We will lit a blue candle , which I purchased last year in Montreal at the International Diabetes Conference .
I will wear my IDF T-shirt …blue circle on the back and my blue pin .
And thanks for your FB suggestion …I will go there too .
I am looking forward again to Manny’s request to do our finger test and report result on TuD as in 2009 !.

Nice. Show us when it will done !

Many nice ideas !

I need a blue LED flashlight that make a circle !

I’ll be giving a talk to all the students and teachers my daughter’s school (not actually on D day, obviously), and my daughter’s class will be selling low carb fruit popsicles at lunchtime as a JDRF fundraiser.

Our local D groups are having a fundraising concert (Austin calls itself the Live Music Capital of the World) and some of the buildings downtown will be lit with blue lights.