Making exercise fun

I’m looking for other ideas for us type twos to exercise and have fun all at the same time.

Here’s my main source of exercise/fun… I recently bought a GPS unit which shows EVERYTHING about my walking excursions… direction, speed, distance, time, etc. It keeps a track of where I went which I can download onto my computer and play back later. It’s very cool. I’ve been averaging about 5 to 6 miles per day at 3.4 miles per hour. I feel great afterward.

I love music and I need to work out to music. Nothing beats a good run to the beat of my favourite songs. I have different songs for warming up, running, and cooling down. I noticed that music plays a big part in the exercise classes I attend too. Kickboxing definitely uses strong, thumping beats. And for pilates we have soft instrumentals in the background. The rhythm helps me to focus. Anything involving music for me is fun.

I just finished doing exactly this: I played “Alive and Kicking” by Simple Minds running around the house with my son, followed by a “drumming” sessing with him that left me exhausted. :slight_smile:

I discovered that I really like cycling and this afternoon I went for a ride along our canal which was great, I plugged my mp3 in and sang along as I cycled and enjoyed mother nature at her finest. I thoroughly recommend this as a way of increasing your activity.

I’m type-1, but I hope you don’t mind me chiming in on a type-2 discussion - I think it applies to us all!
For so many years I really had a difficult time finding an exercise program that I liked enough to stick with, and I was not in great shape and heavier than I should have been. But, I bought a bike last March and started cycling, and I was amazed at how much fun I had, and how quickly I got into shape. It’s very low-impact, and doesn’t even seem like exercise! It made me feel like a kid again, actually.
I started commuting to work and running errands on my bike, and not only is that a great way to ensure you fit exercise into your daily routine, but it also saves a ton of money on gas/car maintenance. I have surprised myself by keeping with it, I have lost about 15 lbs, and I have never been happier or in better shape. This is the first “exercise” program I’ve been able to stick with for more than 6 weeks - and I would DEFINITELY recommend it. Just make sure you get padded shorts!

I joined the gym a couple of months ago, but I’ve found it very difficult to stick with the program because I’m being tested for some kind of auto-immune inflammatory process, so I woke up really stiff and achy to work out in the morning, and then at the end of the day I’m way too tired. I thought they were excuses, but I really feel tired. And then I feel guilty for not going to the gym. But the weather is nice these days… Maybe I should go for more walks.

Yesterday I was thinking of classifying music in my iPod, and making a good work out mix to get motivated. Suggestions?