Making Sense of Diabetes - Winners for Week 2 (Hearing)

The great submissions for Making Sense of Diabetes continue to astound us. Week 2 was no exception!

We are happy to announce the winners for Week 2 of Making Sense of Diabetes, which was focused on the sense of HEARING.

First place:
Diabetes & Hearing - Sounds by 1HappyDiabetic

He will be receiving an EatSmart Precision Pro Kitchen Scale as a prize.

Second place:
What Diabetics Hear by Andrew Jones

He will be receiving a Skidaddle Meter Bag as a prize.

Third place:
The Sound of Diabetes by Terry Keelan

He will be receiving a copy of 50 Diabetes Myths That Can Ruin Your Life and the 50 Diabetes Truth… by Riva Greenberg as a prize.

You can watch all Hearing videos on this page.

Between today and Sunday at midnight, we will be focusing on the sense of TOUCH. You can check out other submissions about touch so far, so you may get an idea that will inspire you to help us making sense of diabetes.

For more details and dates information about the project, visit

Congrats!!! Nice work everyone!!

Congratulations to everybody! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the ratings and positive comments for my video. Making the video was fun and I hope it brought a small amount of humor to our sometimes trying lives.

‘Hearing’ and ‘Sight’ were easy ones, but I find the remaining senses are more difficult to conceptualize as a video. If anybody has ideas for Smell or Taste and wants to collaborate, I’m open to a partnership.

Those were all really good. Congratulations!

They’re all great! Kudos to the winners.

Can’t wait for the next round of videos. Smell should be interesting. Taste–that will be fun.

Congratulations! Well done everybody!

Thanks soooo much! Like Andrew said the next senses are a bit more challenging… what to do.

These are great; nice to see the humorous side of diabetes.

Wow…well done!