Special final round of Making Sense of Diabetes

Fabiana Couto, our week 3 winner for Making Sense of Diabetes, has kindly donated her prize so we can give it to someone else. She won a very useful EatSmart Precision Pro Kitchen Scale which helps determining the nutritional facts of the foods in your kitchen.

We felt this was a great opportunity to extend an invitation to all members to submit a video for Making Sense of Diabetes, not limited to the sense for this final week (taste) but rather dealing with any sense that has been covered so far: sight, hearing, touch or smell.

We invite you to flip on your camera or webcam and talk about your experience with diabetes through one of the senses. We want to hear your story: talk to the camera for 2-3 minutes, feel free to be personal -don’t worry too much about the visual effects (unless you want to).

Besides the chance to win the scale, this also gives everyone an opportunity to be included as part of the Making Sense of Diabetes compilation video we’ve begun to produce resulting from this initiative, which will be unveiled in time for World Diabetes Day. There is a possibility (we’re working on it) that the video may air on national or local TV.

Congratulations to Fabiana! Hers was truly a very “touching” video.

How generous that she donated her prize.