Man am I peed at the insurance company

Well I am really ticked at the insurance company this am . I got a phone call in regards to an email I had sent them . The phone call began with Oh I am Mr so and so with the insurance company and with me is so and so rn . so they started the conversation out with that which put me on the defensive immediately because they thought that having an rn present would deter my willingness to debate them on the issue of why they denied me ? In other words she was telling me the reason they denied me was because I have been a diabetic since I was 16 , what ? it was WTF ? are you trying to tell me that rn equates a diabetic specialists . I am just so peed right now and they also denied me for life insurance . How is that for cherry picking ? Yes the state of florida allows the insurance companies to cherry pick . Ugh !!! I have to laugh cause if I dont laugh it would drive me crazy . It in my opinion is out and out discrimination no matter what you call it . No matter how you wrap it . I hate insurance companies !!!


Sorry this happened to you. Insurance companies frequently are using old, irrelevant data to support their decisions. Was this a denial for some sort of life insurance?

Fair Winds,

I have been denied life insurance since I was diagnosed a T1 D. It’s all about statistics and $$$…

This is ridiculous. Did you just change insurance companies? Or are you still with the same one? Do you think the gov is really going to fix this mess? Why do businesses put profits before people? I hope the best for you.