Manageable Isn't Good Enough

I’ve heard about this, but, didn’t know any details. I just knew 5 young people died. Very young. This is extremely sad and unfathomable to me. To die so young from a disease that is manageable is beyond incredulous to me. All the more reason we need a cure. Making this disease “manageable” isn’t good enough. Of course this strikes a chord with me. I know most people will shrug it off because unless you’re directly touched by it, it’s not going to matter to you. That’s just how most people are. But, to someone like me, it just turns my stomach in a knot…because it could’ve/could be me. It drives me crazy because it makes me think about my own death. About my mortality. Yes, everyone knows they’re going to die. But, to have a constant reminder…and those reminders for me are my numbers, my shots, my bruises, these stories (which need to get out, so we can find a cure). Of course I know no one knows how they’ll die for sure, but, if you’re a PWD/diabetic…whatever it is you want to be called, you have in the back of your mind how you’re going out. At least I do. Morbid? Yes. Truthful? Yes. To feel like you know how you’re going die, statistically…really sucks (for lack of a better word).

This is the repost:
My thoughts are with all the families of the young people who have lost their lives due to type 1 diabetes over the last couple of weeks: a 27-yr old mom of 2 kids, a 24-yr old woman in Australia, a 16-yr old boy, an 18-month old who was misdiagnosed, and most tragic to me, a 9-yr old girl who committed suicide because she didn’t want to live with diabetes anymore.

More details here:

very sad news. the one good thing I did get from being a diabetic is my sense of mortality. Make it’s important to make every day count and time I have with my loved ones important. I sorta forgot that for a long while - sucky way to remember it

Joe_h, that’s a very good way to look at it, I suppose. I’m going to have to keep that in mind :slight_smile:

That is sad:(
I posted here once about my Thoughts of death from a Low. Only A few people will know it wasn’t my fault. Others will judge me as I lay dead.
Its good that we all with Diabetes can support eachother and not make judgements like this.
I just have to Live my Life doing what I can do with this Diabetes. My Shots and eating right, a exercise when I am not in horrible pain.
Again, whe we loose others with the same Disease we have it is Sad.