Managing Dexcom (keeping it from getting lost or broken) with a six-year-old

My son is doing a Dexcom trial this week, and already I am finding myself saying, “Be Careful of the Dexcom”, way too much. I was just wondering how other parents of kids with Dexcoms keep the Dexcoms safe and close enough to their kids, while preventing it from being broken. Thanks for any input!!

My son is 6 and started Dexcom a couple of weeks ago. He wears it with the exception of swimming or playing baseball. We haven’t had any problems yet - even on the playground. Knock wood.

I’m a wilderness triathlete, participating in monthly events ( involving hours of trailrunning, mountain biking, rock climbing, swimming, and kayak paddling. These events are very rough on the body, and in turn, rough on equipment attached to my body. I’ve used my dexcom seven all through the 2009 season, and have not hurt it in any event. I’ve got seven and nine year old boys at home, and know they can be abusive, but I would now worry at all about the sensor attached to your son’s body; I’m convinced it’s indestructible. My receiver, as well, has survived all of these events. I’ve double ziplocked it while swimming or kayaking, and it appears to take abuse well. Better than a cell phone.

How did it go? Dexcom Receiver is not waterproof and I believe it may not recover even from a sight dunk, so I would get one of the skins if I were to continue with the Dex. Skins will not protect it from being immersed in water, but I think they may protect it from drink spills, etc. They are $20, I think, so if you are only trialing, I would not bother with that. Maybe one of those pump packs that go around the waist, the ones with a clear plastic window so you can see Dexcom. Pants with deep pockets, such as cargo pants would be ideal. I had sewn an old pump pouch into the inside waistband of her dance pants and some of her jeans with shallow pockets. I am trying to think of a way (other than velcro) whereby you could move this pack from one pair of pants to the other. At home, we have cell phone cases, but I usually just pick it up and move it near her. She is usually home after 6 or 7pm and doing homework, computer, TV, more apt to be in one place (unlike a five year old). Tell us how it went! P.S. It is amazing how the Receiver can pop out of a shallow pants pocket and hers has fallen out of the Dexcom holder they give you.

Thanks for all of the suggestions and encouragement. The trial went really well, and we ordered our own Dexcom yesterday!!
The biggest problem Landon had was the annoyance of feeling it in his pocket, and that sometimes the leather case with the swivel clip would work it’s way out of his pocket while he was sitting. I ordered this pump pack( to try with the dexcom, so that he can wear it on his side, and not have to deal with the pocket annoyance.
I am super excited about the Dexcom, but Landon goes back and forth. We are going to have to use some rewards I think to get him motivated. I am also trying to explain to him, that it will allow him to have more freedom (Mommy might not be so paranoid at sleepovers at Nana’s house, etc.). I think he is just annoyed to carry something around with him all the time. It gave me incredible peace of mind while he was wearing it just to know there was the low alarm. I am hoping that we can find a balance :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

I use this case clipped to my belt loop when I am without pockets. It seems like it would work well for a kid, make sure if you order one you get the large size. The medium is too small but works great for insulin pumps.