Receiver falling off?

Hi: My Dexcom receiver has fallen off several times recently. I typically clip it to my jeans pocket, so it "hangs out." Two days ago, it fell off when I knelt down in a vineyard to take some "arty" photographs. Luckily, before we left I noticed it was missing, and we retraced steps and found it. How do you keep it on? I like to clip it to me, not carry in my backpack, so that I can easily check it. Anyone have advice for me? A pump is tethered to you, Dexie is not.....

My son wears a spibelt. It is very comfortable, never falls off and he plays multiple sports with it on. The only down side is that you have to unzip it to see the screen - although if you get a light color, or have an old one, you can see through it if the screen is lit up.

I had the same issue maybe 6 months ago. Thank goodness someone heard it beeping in a parking lot and it was returned. I have a tape on the back that says Medical Device, with my first name and phone #. When I called Dexcom, they sent me the 'new' case, which didn't seem any different to me. The next day it fell off my jeans getting out of my car.

I know clip it to the belt loop on my jeans. I do have a heavy-duty clip that WORKS (got it on another device), but apparently if I stick it permanently to the dex my warranty becomes void.

I also have an old Verizon LG Chocolate (phone) case in which it fits perfectly. It has a usable clip as well, but in looking for a backup I can't find them on line any more.

Bottom line... I DON'T trust the dexcom case, the clip just doesn't work!

I got one these (see link below) after I saw the dexcom rep using one. It's a vera bradley Zip ID Case (retails for about 10 dollars)...small little things normally used for a license and cash but it fits the receiver quite snuggly. All you have to do is cut the inside flap and voila, the dexcom fits perfectly in. It's zipped and safe and has a window so you can see the screen. I also went to michaels and purchased a bigger version of the clasp (that you see in the "Clip Zip ID") line. And bingo it clips to different things like the outside of my purse, my jeans etc. They are very girlie though, so if you don't like the designs you may not like them. I've even washed the cases and they did just fine in the wash.

I took a picture of mine so you could see what I mean.

Have you tried duck tape?! LOL. Just kidding. I love my Spibelt (small personal item) They have sales and you can use dexcomtx for a discount when you order. Voila!

I use a heavy duty cell phone case with a belt clip. For hiking, beach, and barn, I use Seal Line waterproof cases. They don’t have a belt clip but can be attached with a carabiner. I found rugged cell phone cases at REI.


There should be a Warning! against using the DexCom supplied case.

Better yet, they should supply a case withOUT a clip, clearly for protection against scratches etc. only.

Hi Everyone: Thank you so much for all the great replies! I knew you all would have "the answers." I am going to look into every suggestion. I just PANIC when I feel for my Dexcom and it isn't there. I have gotten so accustomed to having the Dex to help me in daily life, I can't imagine a day without it. Another thought, we really need the Animas Vibe (the combo Animas insulin pump and Dexcom, which is available in Europe) here in the U.S. so that we are tethered. Wish the FDA would approve it soon....

This one is not exactly what I have, but very similar.

Agreed. I just keep mine in the case (for scratches) in my pocked with my iPhone. Bulky in dress pants, and immediately comes out to go on my desk in the office or cup holder while I'm driving.

Not very functional.