Where do most of you wear your dexcom receiver?

Hello all dexcom user's, I've had my dexcom since April and after the first big issue of keeping the sensor on, via your suggestions, SKIN TAC saved the day! Now my issue is wearing the dexcom (receiver) when wearing a dress. I'd love to hear suggestions of how people keep it attached, because obviously in my purse doesn't work. Anyone find an armband that might work? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I’ve never actually had a problem keeping mine in my purse, but you can get thigh pump holders that you can slip it into as well

Hi there Wiffy,

I started w/my Dexcom in January. Someone in the class showed me their waist carrier and I LOVE IT. http://www.spibelt.com/ is the website. It is great. I forget I have it on. Very comfy all day and in bed. Hope that helps. Best of luck. Mine is pink plaid BTW.

SPIBELT means small personal item belt BTW.

Hmmm... I don't wear dresses alot. Might not work w/a dress. You can put it in your bra maybe? Sorry.

I wear mine in my bra relatively often (like right now!) it’s amazing how valuable pockets become! I put it as far to the side…near the armpit…as I can with the screen side out. It’s not ideal, but it works.

Which reminds me of last month when I had my cellphone in my swimsuit and didn't notice until I had been in the pool for 30 minutes!! I put it in a gbag of rice and it came back fine the next day. Unbelievable! Good to know if you swim w/Dexie or drop her in the commode. LOL.

Wow…good save on your phone! I am always afraid the Dex is going to fall out of my pocket and get flushed, lol.

I wear my receiver in a belt clip like a cellphone.
As far as the transmitter, I wear mine VERTICALLY on my belly way off to the side.

If I don't have any pockets, I usually do one of two things: stick it in my bra or wear a small purse that I hang from my shoulder or around my neck and shoulder. This is also where I put my pump. People really don't pay any attention to the clear plastic tube coming out of my neckline area. I have several small cloth bags made by folks from Laos/Cambodia. My latest, a black Harley purse, is a perfect fit for Dexie, pump and some glucose tabs.


You put it in your bra? I wear my pump in between my breasts vertically via the clip. Where do you put the receiver? I saw Roxie004 put it on the side, but wow, isn't that a quite a large bump that gets in the way?
Think i will try spibelt, and maybe attach a wristband and wear it in forearm? kind of out there, but then I will feel/hear alarms. when I did have it in purse, i always missed the alarms which was not a good thing. Or the thigh holders, will the pump holders be large enough for the dexcom, this thing is larger than my pump...

It depends on what I am wearing or doing. When on the back of our Harley,I put it in my bra instead of pockets so that I can feel if the alarm sounds (no way could I hear it). It also goes in the bra if I am wearing something loose (sp?)and pocketless. I am old so I don't worry if a bump shows a little.
When I am dressed up,as in my Renaissance Fair clothes, or something else nice, then I put it in a purse and I frequently check it. To have it on my arm would seem to be so obvious. Also, it would definetily ruin the Renaissance look

This is what my son wears, but obviously he doesn't need a dress option either. It is awesome for sports though!

ok, thank you everyone!! I ordered the spi-bands. I have to say they are absolutely fantastic! During the day I wear one on my ankle, it doesn't move around and is very comfortable, in shorts it just looks like maybe I have a wrap on my ankle, no one ever says anything. Then at night I used to keep the receiver under my pillow, but now I wear the spiband on my wrist, and the best part is, i don't lose contact with the sensor! Under the pillow, i lost contact all the time, now, not at all.
so thank you all, and I strongly do recommend the spiband!
FYI, size-wise, i wear the large on my ankle, and a medium on my wrist. Although the large is a smidge loose on ankle, so if I'm playing tennis, I will wear the medium, otherwise in normal everday situations i like the large.

my daughter wears her purse as a cross body, will the receiver pick up ok in there?

ha ha