Pedicure for Diabetics

If I am a Diabetic person is it okay to have a pedicure?

AFAIK, yes, it’s fine. I would guess it’s a good thing to do, since foot care is encouraged.

I am recently dx (this month) and my diabetic educator strongly stated that pedicures are bad for diabetics. Getting care from a podiatrist is fine. Painting your toenails is fine but having a non-medical person, poking around on your feet is a bad idea. The chances for infection with a pedicure is just too high.

I do agree with Rixie…

Ah. I guess I was wrong. This is what DLife said.

Hi Megan
I am aware that people say it is wrong to get a pedicure. I have been getting a pedicure for a lot of years and have never had any problems with them. I have one woman who does my feet however. She gets out fresh instruments to clean and trim my nails and cuticles She removes the old dead skin with a rough bar like hard foam and scrubs my feet with a special scrubbing salt. Then she massages my feet and lower legs with a special lotion. My doctor checks my feet and injections sites at every visit and tells me that my feet look better than any diabetic he has. I gert my toenails polished but do not polish my fingernails. I am not able to care for my feet the way this woman at the nail salon does. So in spite of what others say my feet are healthy because i get a pedicure each month Although i respect everyone else’s opinion I need to do this for me.