Manual pod reset of alarm


I've been using the OmniPod for about half a year now and I just experienced the first time the pod got stuck sounding its constant screaming alarm. The PDM apparently failed to communicate with the pod to silence the alarm and I remembered reading a reference in the manual on how to disable the pod alarm manually if the case ever arose. Well, I found the section in the manual entitled "Manual Shut-off of a Hazard Alarm" and it indicated sticking the end of a paper clip into the 'manual alarm shut-off port' located to the right of the insulin fill port. Well, on the pod, there's nothing except hard, solid plastic where the manual indicates the alarm port should be. Thus, I was unable to silence the alarm. I ended up putting the pod into an old peanut butter jar, screwing on the lid, and putting it into the refrigerator to muffle the annoying alarm. Don't know how many days (weeks?) I will have to wait until the battery finally wears out. So, am I missing something or is there no longer a way to manually disable a pod's continuously screaming alarm? Thankfully, this happened while I was home - don't know what I would have done if out and about at the time.


Hi Nick,
There is a hole located close to where you fill the pod with insulin and you just need to insert a paper clip end or such item into the hole, and the noise hopefully will stop. I’m not too sure which hole but one will work.

Good luck

Nick-- That happened to me just this month. I called Omnipod and was told what you were told. I silenced the PDM--the hole is below where the batteries are placed-- but was unable to find the correct hole to silence the pod. I left the screaming pod behind--and it finally quit on its own (in a few days). The woman at Omnipod said sometimes folks will put the screaming pod in their freezer--but it may continue to howl......
Good Luck !

We have a freezer full of them, they still scream, but not as long.

Good luck.


use a Vise grip pliers over the switch and it will stop. Or open with a hammer and a screw drive in the area of the seal and you will split it open. Remove the batteries.

Nick remove the adhesive backing, orient the pod so the square end is up, fill port on the left, move to your right just over half way and you will see the only opening on the back of the pod besides the fill and cannula openings. Shiny brass button next to the hole. A green circuit board under the hole. Insert paper clip in and break the corner of the circuit board. Kills power to the speaker. Would show a picture but don't know how.

The hole is covered in Jello, at least in the one I just looked at. Pull all the adhesive off to make it easier, get a magnifying glass if necessary. I recommend using a thumbtack not a paperclip:

Pushing through the hole breaks off the corner of the PCB which is inside the pod, silencing it for ever; I guess it breaks a track from the battery cluster:

I’ve never been unable to stop a pod with the PDM, but this is easier if you have a thumbtack to hand.

John Bowler


I did remove the adhesive backing, but was unable to locate any reset-port 'hole' in the hard plastic backing. From your description, I did identify the brass button half way across and based on your explanation about breaking off the corner of the green circuit card below, I pressed down hard using the point of a ball-point pen against the raised plastic nub (definitely not a hole) next to the brass button. This must have broken the circuit card as you described and lo and behold, the pod finally stopped screaming at me!

Thanks for all the comments everyone - at least now I know how to silence the beast.


John thank you for the pictures. What I needed to do but was unable to. Yes it breaks the circuit to the speaker as Nick was able to do. Yes it is sealed but still is a hole into the interior of the pod. Great health to all!!!

Hi Nick,

I have had this happen also and have also been unable to find the “hole”. I put the pod on the kitchen counter and gave it a few solid hits with a hammer. It stopped its noise!!!

I have used the freezer method in the past, and it works to a certain point. The Pod stops screaming more quickly, and hopefully the freezer is insulated enough to stop the squeal. The last one that screamed at me happened just at bedtime, and I was exhausted. I tried to silence it, but when that failed, I just chucked it into the middle of the backyard. The next morning, it was still screaming, so I buried it! I was hoping that it would sprout into a Pod tree and save me lots of money, but no such luck. (Ha!) Since nothing bloomed within two days, I dug up the now quiet Pod and disposed of it in the normal way.

Unfortunately they can't leave the hole open because otherwise sweaty water would get in when we swim, causing a short on the PCB.

Instead they seal the hole and water enters and exits through the vent hole in the center of the bottom of the pod - the hole covered by the gauze patch. This hole is behind the plunger, where the water can't do any harm.

John Bowler

See the manual, page 131, 10-2. You have to peel back the adhesive pad. It's to the right of the gold circle. I tried it on a used new style pod. If nothing else works, a couple of sharp blows with a hammer works. You can freeze the pod too but as soon as it warms up it starts to squeal again.

The hole is right there:

It is filled with clear silicone rubber sealant. Take a paperclip and push it through, forcefully. Don't be shy -- push hard.