Silencing a screaming pod - a trick

I'm sure a few of you have already figured this out, but since I'm a little slower I just discovered this today and wanted to make sure others know.

I've only had three Pod go into scream mode over the past year. The first two times I had considerable difficult silencing it (pens are too big to fit in the little hole, pencils not strong enough,...). Anyways today I pulled the lancet from my lancet device and it worked with great efficiently. The sharp lancet quickly gets past the rubber gasket and breaks the part inside to quickly silence it. Of course I needed a new lancet to put back in my device, but I should change that more often anyways.

Now I'm much less worried about it going into scream mode since I know I can silence it within a few seconds even if the PDM can deactivate it.

Hope this help!

Great tip, thanks! I have never thought about doing that! I usually try and smash them or open them up with a knife. Your way sounds easier. Haha

I haven't had a screamer yet, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time. Are you talking about using a lancet in the reservoir fill hole to shut it down?

A thin paper clip also works. If it doesn't, I throw mine into the freezer and leave them there until the screaming stops.

There's a little tiny hole in the plastic case, which you won't even notice until you have to silence a screamer. You need something very thin, like a thin metal paper clip, straightened out so one end is free. You have to push it into the hole and wiggle it around until you hit the sweet spot to make the noise stop.

A 7 iron off the driving range works excellently I have found also...

That sounds about right. Haha

I've used a paper clip in the past, as well, but only on the old pods. I carry a paper clip around with my supplies in order to reset the PDM if needed. Do they still say to do that with the newer system? I think it was a "call support" message that required a reset by paperclip. I like, but have not tried the driving range idea, have used the freezer method many times. Maybe running it over with your vehicle?

Oh and it had some distance...good 30 yards off the tee.

For the second pod I used a finishing nail that seemed to work well (tried to find a paperclip but couldn't), but it also required a few seconds of wiggling before it stopped.

There seems to be something in there that you have to crack (a thin piece of silica maybe since the edge of the board is right underneath the hole) to make the screaming stop and it cracked right away with the lancet.

A hammer works well, but you have to wind up and hit it really hard several times.

This has happened twice for me, both times when I was changing it anyway. The sound drove my dog nuts. I put it outside on the back porch in the rain, thinking the rain water would shut it down, but no. Also all the dogs in the neighborhood started howling.

PS if a regular hammer doesn't work, try a sledge hammer.

Great tip!

For me, every pod goes into scream mode. I always run them dry. Fortunately since this is my normal practice I nearly always have my PDM near by to shut it off.

A hammer works wonders, and is faster.

Of course, the best method is poking the silence hole on the thing, but the hammer is more fun, especially if it's been screaming for more than a minute or two

Brings to mind a possible new game for omnipod-using diabetics...

It's documented in the owner's manual.

Just an update:
I waited for my Pod to time out today and go into scream mode so I could test the “Lancet Method” again. Worked like a charm; so now I’m convinced this is the most efficient way. Although using a golf club does sound like more fun.

ok - the thing is on my arm now and I can’t really look it over. Where is this mystery hole located so I can find it while under screamer-stress?

If you fold back the sticky part after you take it off you’ll see the little round hole. It’s the only other hole on the same end as the fill port (if you look at the pod so the fill port is at 5 0’clock, then the silence hole is directly at 6 o’clock). Not sure how else to describe it.

Hope that helps. Tried to find an image online, but just found this...which is fairly relevant, but not necessary if you have a lancet ;)

Thanks DextrosePLZ, I've noticed that spot before, but for some reason thought everyone was talking about something on the top of it. That image looks like the solution I would come up with!

I seem to have jinxed myself by participating in this particular discussion as I finally had a screamer last night - at 1:30 am. I poked around trying to find a hole in which to insert a lancet, finally bending the lancet too much to be useful, Out came the paperclip, but again couldn't find anything resembling a hole. After 5 minutes of fumbling around, I finally took it down and put it in the freezer where at least I couldn't hear it anymore. I then went back upstairs and put on a fresh pod.

This morning as I was preparing breakfast before work I kept hearing a strange muffled electronic screeching sound whenever I got close to the refrigerator. Then it dawned on my that the pod was still in there 6 hours later screaming away.

Seriously Insulet, it really has to go THAT long? Anyway, I took it out to the garage and put it out of both our miseries with a hole punch and a hammer.