Many, Many Things

Whoa - I haven't posted here since September 4th? Ridiculous.

There's been a lot going on lately - here's the latest.

  1. Blogabetes has launched over at dLife and is staffed by some of the best and brightest in the diabetes blogosphere. Check out the latest from your favorite bloggers, and meet some new faces!
  2. I received my necklace, courtesy of Monsoon Artisans and TuDiabetes. It is simply gorgeous and I've worn it every day since it came in the mail. It makes me proud!
  3. I found a demon in my apple. The pictures explain better than I can.
  4. And, because I'm relentlessly silly, I thought this was very funny and had to share.

Tee-hee… I LOVE that LOL cat…

Re: the necklace, I’m so envious, it is gorgeous. :slight_smile:

Is Hovercat for real? :slight_smile: Forget me, now that is Amazing Grace. :slight_smile: Thanks for posting. I look forward to getting my “SUM” daily fix as much as I do my daily coffee/caffeine fix! You can have too much coffee, but you can’t get too much SUM (at least I haven’t come to that point yet like I have with 6 shots of espresso in one day–heaven help us all!) :slight_smile: