March 19th 2011

Well i woke up today with a blood sugar of 485. Come to discover that my pump had gone empty at some point in the night .
So i didn’t beat myself up for it. Then as i’m filling it up i notice a small tight knot in the end of the tubing. It was right where the cap covers it up. I don’t usually use a new tube every time i fill up or change insets. So for all i know i could have had that knot in there for a week without noticing. Hence the awful blood sugar this past week despite my efforts to lower those numbers. So now i have figured out the culprit my dear watson!

Needless to say i was pretty happy that it wasn’t just me being a bad diabetic. But that still doesn’t account for the past few months. In which case i WAS being a bad diabetic. But i’m doing better. Hopefully my doctor will believe me when i tell her that i’m trying. Because i really am. I’m counting ALL of my carbs and bolusing correctly. I’m checking my blood sugar 3 times a day and i’m resisting snacking. Hopefully i will have a few good numbers to show my doc. Luckily for me my Endo is busy that day so i will just have the nurse i had last time. My Endo kinda intimidates me and the nurse is really nice and she encourages me to get better rather than punishing me for being bad.

So. with that i wlll end it with my day so far.

Bg: 485. (High due to pump tube malfunction and empty pump)
Meal: Breakfast: Whole wheat bagel with sugar free jam, Low sugar yogurt, 1 cup chopped strawberries.
Total: 92 carbs = 11.5 units

It sucks when you get high BGs and it’s not your fault, right?
You’re definitely not a bad diabetic! You obviously care and that’s what is important. Hold on and things will get better… :slight_smile: you have our support!

I think you should banish the idea of “bad diabetic”. Maybe you could think of it more as putting in effort vs. not putting in effort.
For some reason the statement “when I was not putting in effort to control my diabetes” sounds a whole lot better than “for those 2 months I was being a bad diabetic”. All this effort is hard enough without beating ourselves up!
Keep your chin up. You are doing great!

I hear more and more bad stories of Insulin pumps, and I guess I should quit complaing about the ouch from my shots. At least the syringes are in tact each time…

Its sure not your fault, and it sure sounds like your trying really hard to help your Self, so pat your back, and praise yourself:)

You have to be attentive to your tubing and check it and the set frequently. I only get highs when I over eat and don’t cover the carbs. Otherwise my bs have been pretty good.