If if isn't one thing it's another!

Had a really bad the day after Thanksgiving. Checked my BG before going to bed did a small bolus and changed my set. Got up early do do a little black friday shopping - it was early didn’t get a chance to check my BG - but I thought no big deal was not going for long and took a banna and counted the carbs and did the appropriate bolus. Was a busy morning people everywhere. Started not feeling well and got that acidty smell that tells you that you are high sugar wise. No big deal I thought so I did another bolus on the fly. Continued not feeling well did another bolus. Got home in poor shape checked myself and was hospital high. Immeadiately took a large shot to compensate and over the next 3 hours two more shots to get to normal levels.

So I ripped out the new site and the new cannula was just outsde the skin. and not under the skin. So I probably went atleast 12 hours without any insulin.It was one those spring loaded vetical Animas sets where once it’s removed from the device you can’t see if the cannula is in or not. Unlike the the Comfort Sets that are mannually inserted. First and foremeost let me state I was at fault for running out of the house without checking myself - quite honestly such little things can kill you. Never take things for granted even the simple things. Now dealing with a a little eye bleeding from the incidence which I hope will go away over the next week or its back in for some laser touch up.

I like others that I have met online have gotten to the ripe age of 55 and have been a diabetic for a really long time. In addition I am a third generation diabetic. So I think I fairly knowlegable on the disease. I am guilty of getting to familar and complacent with the disease. It’s something you just can’t do and survive.


I still do my infusion sets manually after highs just like that one your talking about. Sorry for your trouble. Now wait let me say the way I do it is from an old fashion way of thinking it may not be best for others!