Diabetics and cannabis

Hi all fellow TuD friends,

Hope you all are doing well, I know this post might be a bit sensitive to more than others but I’ve been curious to know the experiences between weed and diabetes. Specially now a days that it seems like it’s been a trending topic in our present generation. Also how more and more there is acceptance of the substance (ej: in countries like Canada).

Have you guys ever consumed weed and if so, what has been your experience?
Over all it would be great to know if you have talked it over with a doctor and general opinions since this substance has been know to be used for medical relief in other diseases and also knowing our condition is tricky.

Thanks again,

Cannabis s a subject that pops up periodically in the forum. Try doing a search for the word cannabis to see what has been written in the past. You will find the search icon search%20icon in the upper right corner.

I live in California where it is legal, but i was also in college in the 1960’s
Lots of experimenting. For me the experience was depressing and negative.
My thought (i am well controlled T2 not on any medication)
Adding chemicals to my body has consequences. Not an old prude i had plans to go to Woodstock, but ending up having a scholarship to study in France, i went to France and traveled. A good choice

Oh i just realized that was 50 years ago! At least I still love to travel

The human body has more endocannabinoid receptors than any other kind of receptor. The body can produce its own cabnabinoids. For more information go to 420magazine.com and join the forum. Their is a wealth of information there as well as a very welcoming community.

Old topic, but I’ll bite…

I live in Colorado, where it’s very legal, both recreationally and medically. We’ve even grown hemp commercially, and the 6 plants of THC-containing marijuana the state permits for personal consumption.

Personally, I’ve never seen the touted health benefits of it, though my husband thinks it’s the best sleep meditation ever. I’ve never seen any adverse affects to my blood glucose, though.

I don’t partake anymore because I find it too stressful. I’ve just never understood the pleasure some people take from it, when the feeling reminds me too much of being hypoglycemic.