'm sad.
Sad like butterflies pinned to cardboard boxes.
Sad like books with torn pages, ocean shores empty of bathers.
I am sad like unfinished stories …owing that this lack yours worth.
Don’t worry about what the future may hold
The problems of tomorrow are in God’s hands,
Be strong in the Lord and his might,
On God’s Word, you can safely stand.

May God Help The People Of Japan

Yes, it look very worrisome ( sp ?) in the Orient …thinking of the folks !

Amen! And imagine how it must be for the diabetics out there! No refrigeration, maybe lost insuln and other supplies and regular food. God, please help the people of Japan!

Horrible disaster! It makes me so sad …so many deaths…All I can offer are my prayers.

My sister’s neighbor, who I am also friends with, has a son living near the epicenter. We were all sick with worry, but my sister called about an hour ago saying he’d finally gotten through and was okay although his home was destroyed. Now they are worrying about the radiation…

Thanks Friends
i am worried for my friends in japan received three confirmation of welfare rest no respond either the phones are lost in disturbance . we can only prey.
Thanks cathy your sisters neighbour is ok now te ther problem is radiation why wil happen to people

A Prayer
With uplifted arms we pray
God all knowing, show us Thy way
Make us a channel of Thy light
Bring to this earth much delight
And help us strive to love like Thee
And through wisdom, other gods flee.
Break the illusion, clearly see

And try to live our destiny.
Oh God help us know forever Thee
Are close to us, with us, in us