I've been eating well, maintaining OK but not great BG's, getting very poor-quality, fractured sleep, feeling weepy and stressed out about the evil job search, grieving the death of my friend a few weeks ago, trying to walk some but not getting out very much, not posting much.

Just riding the waves.

Sometimes I get really, really sick and tired of being sick and tired -- and alone -- all the time.

Sending you big hugs and positive vibes Jean! I'm sorry you're going through a rough stretch right now. You're under a great deal of stress and that makes everything even harder than it is already.

Try to do something nice for yourself today. Maybe watch a comedy? Buy some new uplifting music? A trip to the library? Volunteer service of some sort to get you out and your thoughts focused elsewhere?

I totally get how you're feeling but remember that you can always come vent or hang out here. Somebody's always home. :) I hope you have a better day today.

Sending caring thoughts......Maureen

{{{HUGS}}} Sending u my postive thoughts Jean!!!

Some times "life sucks" is inadequate to describe how we feel. I hate it when the universe gangs up on me. All I know how to deal with it is to know it shall pass. I just pray that it is sooner than later. Times like that, even a beautiful, sunny weekend like we just had doesn't seem to help. I've kinda been teetering on that edge lately too. I have to put some real effort into not going there. But enough about me, this is your post.

I know you are in Seattle. I live in Bothell and work in Redmond. If you would like to meet sometime for a real time chat we could do that. With my vision issues I really should not drive into down town, but if you are open to venturing over to the east side or north end we could figure out a spot. Let me know if you're up for that.

In the mean time hang in there and know we are all here for you.

{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}} I know what it is like to feel alone. You aren't even though you may feel like it. The DOC is surrounding you with caring thoughts.

Dear LaGuitariste,

Thanks for letting us know how you are feeling and some of the reasons why. I've been impressed about how much you give to people here. Please remember how valuable you are to those who know you--here and elsewhere.

And please honor that you have been taking good care of yourself and maintaining your blood sugars even when other things are difficult. That is a big success!

Best wishes,


I am with you Jean but like all things this too shall pass. Sometimes I just wish it would hit the gas and get this passing part overwith.

Hang in there...youo can do it!!