Has anyone ever tried MCT oil to help aid in weight loss? A friend suggested this and swears it helps lose weight. I am a Type I diabetic and am a little skeptical. I started using the Omnipod in December 2015 and have gained at least 40 pounds since then although my doctor insists that weight gain is not because of being on the pump. According to my friend, MCT oil is safe. Everything that I have read has also indicated that it is safe. I would really like to lose this weight and absolutely nothing else (exercise) seems to help or really make a difference. Thank you for your thoughts!

I would agree with this, however, having pump makes it easy to eat more often, due to convenience of dosing. Have your daily total units of insulin increased on pump?

Insulin lowers a high bg by moving blood glucose to store as fat.

Not always fat. Sometimes it allows glucose to be stored as muscle glycogen. And during activity, it might be neither fat nor muscle glycogen. It might be instant energy, the process of glycolysis.

I doubt it makes you loose weight. But I would look at the amount of carbs you are eating and how much exercise you are doing. The BIG picture. Nancy50

@Pam21 – When I gained 25 pound over about a five year period, my total daily dose of pump-delivered insulin rose from 40 units/day to 80/units per day. Looking back, it was painfully obvious what had happened.

I developed a personal bias to slightly overdose insulin to prevent highs or diminish their duration. I often found myself taking emergency carbs to head off an imminent low that came crashing down from the stratosphere.

I finally figured out that limiting carbs in my diet allowed me to cut my total daily dose of insulin from 80 units/day down to about 30 units/day while my control was much better with much less variability.

It’s not an easy dance that we do, but we have no choice. Perhaps you could temporarily reduce your carb consumption enough to give you a respite while you figure out your next move. Good luck!

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@Pam21 I don’t think taking MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil, by itself, is going to do much to make you lose weight. It is, however, the most effective over the counter laxative I’ve ever taken (that means if you are going to take it, start with no more than 1 teaspoon and don’t do it on a work day).

I do have MCT oil and take it occasionally as a source of exogenous ketones. It cannot be cooked with (very low smoke point) and generally is used only concurrently with a keto diet. In fact, I’d urge anyone considering keto to get and take MCT as you stop eating carbs. It’s beneficial for shortening the time needed to go into ketosis.


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Thank you to everyone for replying. I truly appreciate it. I guess I never really thought about it, but I do slightly overdose my insulin too. My numbers are always always high even though I do watch my carbs as my doctor advised. I’ve been a type 1 diabetic for 27 years and my numbers are always high. A1C is usually in the 9’s which I know is not good. It’s just so darn frustrating! I went on the pump because I had ketoacidosis several times a year prior to getting a pump in December 2015. But after being put on the pump, I’ve gained 40 pounds. I’m retired and I exercise daily, watch my small grandchildren and take care of my father so I’m pretty active, but the weight just doesn’t come off. I don’t think I will try the MCT oil. I have my doubts that it would actually work.

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